Affinity Group Discussions & Locations
10:15 - 11:00 am

We feel it is extremely valuable for NCAIS  educators to come together and share ideas/resources, ask questions, and connect with one another.  We created this year’s agenda with the intention of designating time and space for networking and idea exchanges. Please find a group below:

1st & 2nd Grade LS 11
3rd & 4th Grade LS 23
5th & 6th Grade Math/Science MS 2
7th & 8th Grade Math/Science MS 14
Academic Deans/Curriculum Coordinators US 16
Advanced Placement (AP) Instructors US 2
Advancement Professionals US 31
Arts Faculty US 11
Assistant Heads of School US 32
Attracting & Retaining Families: Admissions Perspective LS 2
Counselors US 33
Creating Inclusive Environments for Young Children LS 4
Deans of Students US 34
Department Chairs US 1
Division Directors US 13
Faculty Parents in Independent Schools LS 3
Heads of School US 19
Health/PE MS 4
Kindergarten LS 1
Learning Specialists LS 7
Lower School Science LS 12
Measuring the Efficacy of Change US 30
Media Specialists/Librarians LS Library
Middle School Reading/Language Arts MS 10
Middle School Social Studies MS 9
Revising Curriculum to Fit the Needs of Our Students in an Ever-Changing World MS Design Lab 5/6
Social Emotional Learning/Student Wellness LS 22
Technology LS Computer Lab
Upper School College Counseling US 3
Upper School Deans US 6
Upper School English US 7
Upper School History US 8
Upper School Math & Science US 22
World Language MS 15