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Title/Presenters Audience Content Room

A Simple Tool to Help You Prioritize Your To-Do List

Penny Rogers, ISM

BC   MS 14 

Canterbury Summer Studies Program: Recharging Our Teachers Batteries

Nicole Schutt, Canterbury School

L    US 24

Capitalizing on Digital Tools to Provide Effective Feedback on Formative Writing Assessments

Tracey Keitt, Charlotte Country Day School

MS H  MS 10

Communication Skills to Build Trust and Engagement

Scott Barron and Tammy Barron, School Growth LLC

L    US 23

Creating Teacher YouTube Shows to Engage Student Learning

James Jenkins and Daniel Servi, GRACE Christian School

MS W  MS 6

Creative Movement for the Mind and Body

Kim Black, The Burlington School/Burlington Dance Center

EC W  LS 5

Eat, Sleep, and Be Active" A Conversation About the Importance of Bring Healthy and Active at a Young Age

Ken Field, Greensboro Day School

 LS   LS 24 

Fresh Ways to Teach with Primary Sources

Lisa Emmeric, Summit School

MS H  MS 19

Get Them Going! Movement, the Brain, and Its Effect on the Learning Process

Marie Morgann, Cannon School

MS W  MS 9

Ice Breakers and Warm ps from the World of Drama

Matt Webster, The Drama Teacher Academy

BC    MS 15

Imagery Coaching Sessions for Leaders

Michelle Bostian, Greensboro Day School

L W  US 22

Incorporating Social Justice into STEM Curricula

Sarah Rose Mostafa, Greensboro Day School

MS S  MS 2

Introduction to Seesaw: Digital Portfolio App

Beth DeFillips and Lindley Laws, New Garden School

LS S  LS 8

Learning Profiles: Creating A System that Works

Blair Churchill and Tori Dow, New Garden Friends School

 US    US 1

Math Made Easy!

Anne Pinkelton, Greensboro Day School 

 EC  S  LS 7

Middle School Math Projects

Debby Noyes, Westchester Country Day School

 MS  MS 1

Mindfulness for Teachers: Let's Take a Break!

Kathryn Garrison, Carolina Day School 

BC     MS 18

 Mock Trial: Differentiating the Student Experience

Trish McRae and Dack Stackhouse, Summit School

 MS MS 4 

Nursery Rhymes for Little Minds

Marie Mackay, Westchester Country Day School

EC     LS 1

"Over the Hill" - Mathematical Problem Solving through Critical Thinking

Teresa Angell and Ann Kimmer, Forsyth Country Day School

US   US 5 

Personalized Learning in the Library

Melissa Fulton, Westchester Country Day School

LS    LS 2

Planning and Executing a Successful Math Night

Aimee Miller, Charlotte Country Day School

LS    LS 4

Reading for Resonance

Maura Way, New Garden Friends School

US H  US 7

Reclaiming Our Time to Have Students Own their Learning

Karl Schaefer, Durham Academy

MS S  MS 7

Stop, Write, Discuss: Literacy Strategies to Transform Content Area Instruction

Kasey Short, Charlotte Country Day School

MS H  MS 3

Storytime for Grownups, aka, Put the Fun Back in Fundraising

Deb Feinberg, Emerson Waldorf School

L   US 3 

Structuring and Sequencing Material in Combined Middle and High School Guitar Classes

Mark Smith, New Garden Friends School

US, MS    US 8

Talking with Students and Parents about Social Media Use

Lisa Bates-Glass, New Garden Friends School

BC    MS 16

Teaching, Leading, Growing: Academic Coaching at Cannon School

Kellen Graham, Teresita Hurtado, Cannon School

L W  US 25

The Teacher's Prayer

Bill Simpson, Coastal Christian High School

US  W  US 2

The Ugly American Project: Becoming a True Global Citizen

Danielle Riviere, The Fletcher School

US  H  US 4

Transition to College Programs

Jodi Foxx, Charlotte Christian School

US W  US 11

Unlock Learning Using Escape Room Style Thinking

Shannon Pylant, Summit School

 MS    MS 12

Vivification with Voki

Nathaniel Glosson, Noble Academy 

 MS    MS 11

Web Tools for Teaching and Writing and Literature

Margee Husemann, Carolina Day School

 US US 6 

Writing Essays with Elementary Students

Julia Ambersley, The O'Neal School 

LS   LS 6



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