TOOLBOX SESSION III - 2:25pm-2:45pm

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Title/Presenters Audience Content Room

A Mindful Balance: Reducing Teacher and Student Anxiety and Stress through Mindful Practices

Adrienne Johnson, Providence Day School

BC   W  MS 3

Capitalizing on Digital Tools to Provide Effective Feedback on Formative Writing

Tracey Keitt, Charlotte Country Day School

MS  MS 10

Communication Skills to Build Trust and Engagement

Scott Barron and Tammy Barron, School Growth LLC

L    US 23

Designing a Design Thinking Lesson

Brandon Bogumil, St. Timothy's School

LC  LS 22

Developing Empathetic and Inclusive Hearts: One Photograph at a Time

Patrick Buschman, Charlotte Country Day School

MS   MS 15

Differentiating and Flipping: Enhancing Learning with Technology

Tameka Woodard, Charlotte Country Day School

MS    MS 18

Escaping from the Norm with Amazon Echo and the Jailbreak Ladies

Gabriela Ostendorf and Kara Strauch, Fayetteville Academy

LS  S  LS 5

Face Science Fair without Fear

Diep Stamps, Charlotte Christian School

MS  MS 7

Faculty Professional Growth: Not Just Another Checkbox

Sara Miller and Fran Wittman, The Hill Center

L  W US 1 

Fourteen Billion Years in Two Semesters: Teaching Big History in the Upper School Classroom

Mark Ehlers, Davidson Day School

US  H US 25 

Giving Students Ownership Over Vocabulary: Using Flashcard Factory and Quizlet

Samantha Stichter, Noble Academy

MS    MS 9

Growing Readers, Not Test Takers

Amie Berryhill, Palisades Episcopal School

LS    LS 20

History Isn't Just About A Bunch Of Old Dead People

Kelly Barrett, High Point Friends School

MS    MS 19

How to Collect and Apply Data in every Test to Communicate Mastery

Sarah Wiles, Charlotte Christian School

US    US 24

Imagery Coaching Sessions for Leaders

Michelle Bostian, Greensboro Day School

 L  W  US 22

Incorporating Social Justice into STEM Curricula

Sarah Rose Mostafa, Greensboro Day School

MS  S  MS 2

Interactive Notebooks in the Middle School Science Classroom: A Practical Guide

Clarissa Marshall, Greensboro Day School

MS     MS 13

 Jump, Rattle, and Roll: Meeting the Sensory Needs of Your Students

Marci Richardson, New Garden Friends School

EC    LS 24

Learning Profiles: Creating a System that Works

Blair Churchill and Tori Dow, New Garden Friends School

US    US 1

Marketing for Small School: Graphics in Minutes

Ashley Garcie, B'nai Shalom Day School

L   US 2 

Musica y Cultura: La Formula En La Clase

Luis Giron, Greenfield School

US US 11 

Peaceful Problem Solving

Sherrie Harmon and Erin Wenger, New Garden Friends School

LS    LS 6

Planning and Executing a Successful Math Night

Aimee Miller, Charlotte Country Day School

LS    LS 4

Putting the "A" in STEM - Using Science in the Art Studio to Create Clay Amplifers

Jenn Romero, Noble Academy

MS S  MS 12

Tag You're It!  Cooperative and Inclusive Tag Games

Charles Merrit, New Garden Friends School

LS  W  LS Mini Gym

Unnatural Disaster: Environmental Racism and the Science, History, and Theology Behind Preventable Tragedy

Sean Casy, de'Angelo Dia, and Vanessa Williams, Trinity Episcopal School

MS    MS 1

Using Picture Books at Every Grade Level

Lori Howell, High Point Friends School

MS    MS 4

What's in Your Phonemic Awareness Toolbox?

Courtney Brooks, Becca Edwards, Christy Roddy, and Betsy Windham, Charlotte Christian School

EC    LS Library



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