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Title/Presenters Audience Content Room

An Introduction to the Reggio Emilia Approach and Its Implementation in the Early Program of Lower School

Maria Blackburn, Dawn Osbon, Lauren Shapiro, and Jenny Tucker, Providence Day School

EC    LS 6

Building and Sustaining Mission-Driven Athletics Programs in Our Schools

Abe Wehmiller, Charlotte Country Day School

L  W  US 8

Children Are Citizens:  Nurturing Civic Agency in the Early Years

Jim Reese, Washington International School

LS   LS 22

Creating Meaningful PBL Projects

Brandon Bogumil, St. Timothy's School

LS    LS 8

Embedding Core Values: Catching Our Students Being Awesome

Tom Booker, Joe Trojan, and Michelle Zelaya, Cannon School

L W  US 6

EMS!  Explicit, Multi-Sensory, and Strategic Strategies for Primary Students

Jon Wallace, The Piedmont School

EC LS    LS 1

Engaging Parents and Families: Connectivity with Caution

Jill Connett, Episcopal Day School

L    US 1

Enrollment Data Analysis, Forecasting & Reporting

Scott Barron and Tammy Barron, School Growth LLC

L    US 2

"The Future of Social Media Education"

Sean Kelly and Laura Tierney, The Social Institute, Sarah Loyola, Ravenscroft School

 L  W  US 4

How Young Minds Transformed a Mock Election into a School-Wide Service Learning Opportunity with Global Impact

Christine Brennen and Holly Hofbauer, Greensbor Day School and Kate Herndon, Heifer International

LS  LS 20

Implementing the Math Workshop Model

Erin Dudley, Sherry Harris, and Anne Pace, Charlotte Country Day School

LS    LS 11

In this Together: Navigating Difficult Conversations with Families

Brooke Juneau, The Greensboro Montessori School

EC    LS 2

Integrating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion itno Social-emotional Learning (using the AMAZE Curriculum)

Amy Ilfeld, Rebeca Patterson, and Jovanne Taborn, Charlotte Country Day School

EC    LS 3

Lights, Camera, Action: Let's Mae a Green Screen Movie

Kaitlin Finnin and Elaine Hoover, Canterbury School

LS    LS 21

Math Makes Sense: Using Manipulatives to Build Conceptual Understanding

Kim Burkhalter, Noble Academy

 LS   LS 7 

Readers Under Construction: Utilizing the 1:1 Reading Conference to Meet the Needs in the Lower School Classroom 

Tara Bosley and Katon Nims, Charlotte Country Day School

LS    LS Library

RISE-ing up to Middle School: Teaching Responsibility, Independence, and Sexuality Education to Fifth Grade Students

Kimberly Enicks, Jason Martin, Anna Okrah, and Chris Weiss, Trinity Episcopal School

 LS W  LS 23

Sick of Being the Lone Ranger?  Developing a Leadership Team in the Lower School

Michelle Alexander, Cannon School

   US 5

Teaching Emotional Regulation in Early Childhood

Brittany Lutzweiler, Greensboro Day School

EC W  LS 5

Tracking Progress thru Portfolios

Melissa Lehman and Emilee Transou, Greensboro Day School

EC    LS 4

Why Millennials Matter

Kori Mackall, The Piedmont School

L    US 7



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