2019 Annual Conference Sessions

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All Day NCAIS Marketplace Exhibit Hall (Exhibitor Time) 1 C/D
7:45-8:30 am Registration Lobby
8:30-9:45 am Keynote - Leveraging Emotional Intelligence and Culturally Responsive Practices for Thriving Students 
(Middle and Upper School Faculty)
1 A/B
   Affinity Groups (Early Childhood and Lower School Faculty; Administration)  
   Academic Deans/Curriculum Coordinators 2 A
   Admissions 8 B
   Assistant Heads of School 13
   Deans of Students  2 B
   Division Directors  15
   Early Childhood  2 C
   Faculty Parents in Independent Schools  9
   Grades 2 & 3  3
   Grade 4   3
   Heads of School  16
   Kindergarten & Grade 1  2 C
   Lower School Arts   4
   Lower School Counselors  8 A
   Lower School Drama  4
   Lower School Learning Specialist  5
   Lower School Physical Education  7 A
   Lower School Science  7 B
   Lower School World Language  14
   Lower School Technology  6
   Teachers New to Independent Schools  10
 9:55-11:10 am  Keynote - Leveraging Emotional Intelligence and Culturally Responsive Practices for Thriving Students
(Early Childhood & Lower School Faculty, Administration)
 1 A/B
  Affinity Groups (Middle and Upper School Faculty)  
  Middle School Arts  2 C
  Middle School Health/Physical Education  3
  Middle School Language Arts  2 B
  Middle School Learning Specialist  4
  Middle School Math  2 A
  Middle School Science  2 A
  Middle School SEL/Wellness  3
  Middle School Social Studies  2 B
  Middle School STEAM  5
  Middle School World Languages  6
  Upper School AP  7 B
  Upper School 101 4
  Upper School Arts & Music  15
  Upper School  College Counselors  8 A
  Upper School Deans  8 B
  Upper School Department Chairs  7 A
  Upper School English  9
  Upper School History  10
  Upper School Learning Specialists  13
  Upper School Math  14
  Upper School Science  6
  Upper School World Languages  16
 11:15-12:20 pm Lunch I and NCAIS Marketplace (Early Childhood & Lower School Faculty, and Administrators)  
  Breakout Session I (Middle and Upper School)  
  Featured Speaker - Art and Science of Intrinsic Motivation  3
  Featured Speaker - Good for Us! How Cultivating Compassion Makes Us #BetterTogether  2 C
  Badging, Certifications, and Nurturing Diversity in our MakerSpaces  7 A
  Book by Book: Building Relationships and Culture through Shared Reading Lives  9
  Building Up Communities and Target Language through CI  14
  Coach Up! Cultivating Learning & Coaching Communities  13
  Creating Classroom Community through Circle Dialogues *canceled*  5
  Culture in the WL Classroom  2 A
  A Look at a Comprehensive Middle School PE Program  8 A
  Mastery Learning: Where Are We on the Journey 4
  Math Class Makeover - Creating a Classroom that Focuses on Having a Growth Mindset and Reducing Math Anxiety 7 B
  Optimize My Time! 10
  Stop Giving Grades, or Give Them as Little as Possible 2 B
  Student-Centered Grading 6
  Team Problem Solving: The Work Robots Can't Do 8 B
  Visual Journaling for Social/Emotional Learning 15
  Why Is Change So Hard? 16
 12:15-1:10 pm Lunch II and NCAIS Marketplace (Middle and Upper School Faculty)  
  Breakout Sessions II (Early Childhood & Lower School Faculty, Administration)  
  Featured Speaker - Facetime: It's Not What You Think!  2 C
  Anchor's Away: Dynamic Tools to Engage Active Learners  8 B
  Build a TEAM of Makers Inside & Outside the Classroom  2 B
  Building Character from the Inside Out with Art and English  7 B
  Confronting Crisis - Lessons Learned through Dealing with the Unexpected Death of a Student  8 A
  Creative Movement for the Mind & Body  2 A
  Developing Global Citizens through SEL 3
  Developing the "Right Fit" for Your Effective Classroom Management Plan 9
  Genius Hour: Re-Imagining Student-Guided Research 6
  Independent Schools: The Training Grounds for Tomorrow's Leaders 7 A
  Mama Said There'll Be Days Like This... Building Community through Mentoring 10
  Picking a Teammate: How to Hire a Pro 16
  Seminar at Saint Mary's: Empowering Students for Life MOVED TO SESSION III, CRR ROOM 15
  Strategic Thinking and Planning: Solving Complex Problems of Any Size 5
  Windows and Mirrors: Creating Community through Curriculum *canceled* 13
 1:15-2:10 pm Breakout Sessions III  
  Featured Speaker - How Innovative Schools Address Social-Emotional Health 2 C
  Featured Speaker - Social Emotional Learning, It's Fundamental 1 A/B
  AIM Language Learning: A Multi-Sensory Spanish, French, ESL, and Mandarin Curriculum 16
  CI/TPRS Techniques and Strategies to Create Communities within the World Language Class 9
  EnsemBALL! Inspiring Connection One Tennis Ball at a Time 13
  Ethics 101: Developing Constructive Contributors 14
  Exploring Failure from the Inside Out 5
  From Identity to Design: Using Design Thinking to Create Community 8 A
  Fueling Intrinsic Motivation in Your Classroom
  Giving Effective Feedback  2 A 
  Growing Leaders in Our Schools  10 
  How to Navigate Crucial Conversations in Your Personal and Professional Life
  Implementing a School-Wide Research Skills Curriculum  7 A 
  Maximize Learning with Executive Functioning Skills   6
  Seminar at Saint Mary's: Empowering Students for Life CRR
  Spark Joy with Student Engagement   15
  Top Ten Safety and Security Pitfalls 2 B
  When Things Fall Apart: Responding to a Bias or Hate Incident on Campus  7 B 
 2:20-2:50 pm Breakout Sessions IV  
  Featured Speaker - Cultivating a Community of Thinkers (1 hour) 2 C
  Featured Speaker - The Power of Service: How Students' Lives Change When They Work to Change the World (1 Hour) 1 A/B
  A Guide to Establishing Peer Tutoring  13 
  A "Soft Skills" Approach to Teaching Design & Technology  7 A 
  Comprehensive Assessment Planning: The Goldilocks Approach 14
  Creating an Inclusive Community for LGBTQ+ Students 5
  Cultivating a Culture of Safety to Build a Stronger School Community 16
  Imaginative Storytelling through Student-Created Comic Books 8 A
  Let's Check-In 10
  Literature: A Gateway to Social-Emotional Learning 8 B
  Low Tech vs. High Tech Learning through Play 2 B
  Minds, Hearts, & Hands: Helping Students Become Active Citizens through Community Engagement 9
  Modeling Migration: Multi-age Student Partnerships Deepen Understanding 2 A
  Reading Aloud to Cultivate Compassion and Foster Literacy 3
  Student Agency - Helping Students Own their Learning 6
  Student Leadership in Your School 15
  Writing Projects for Upper Elementary Grades 4
  Student Poster Presentations I 1 C/D
  Designing for Durham  
  Haunted Halloween Trail  
  PeerKonnect: Sustainable, Efficient Peer Tutoring  
  Ravenscroft's Culture Observers  
  Study and Analysis of Prejudice at Durham Academy  
  The Value of a Sustainability Committee  
  Triangle Debate League: Building Community Bridges Through Debate  
  Upstanders in Action Summit: A Student-Led Event  
2:55-3:25 pm Breakout Session V  
  An Effective Upper School Honor System 15
  Art Teachers Unite: Art Teachers Build Community 14
  Building a Positive School Culture through Community Initiatives and Honest Conversation 6
  Building Community with Intention: Odyssey Days 4
  Check In: A Critical Teacher's Practice for SEL 13
  Developing Growth Mindset with Real World STEM Skills 10
  Differentiation through Cluster Groups 7 B 
  Imaginative Storytelling through Student-Created Comic Books  8 A 
  Low Tech vs. High Tech Learning through Play  2 B 
  Making Sustainability Part of Student Life and Learning Experience 
  Modeling Migration: Multi-age Students Partnerships Deepen Understanding  2 A 
  Poetic Communities: Teaching Poetry through Collaborative Video Production  9
  Teaching Impact Bias for Community Growth  16 
  Student Poster Presentations II   1 C/D
  13 Reasons Why's Influence on Teen Suicide  
  Covenant Day School's Sustainability Program  
  Hill Young Leaders  
  Mythbusters: The Model Minority  
  Ravenscroft's SPEAK  
3:30 pm Adjourn and Pick Up CEUs and Raffle Prizes