Student Poster Sessions

The 2019 NCAIS Annual Conference theme is “Cultivating Community From the Inside Out”. A central facet of our schools is volunteerism and service-learning. We know that there are students who have not only embraced the opportunities but have expanded them by creating clubs, service projects, and organizations that positively impact the wider community. We want to celebrate their work by showcasing them at the conference on October 18, 2019, at McKimmon Center in Raleigh, NC.


 Below are the presentations that were selected to present at the Annual Conference:

Session: Title: School: Summary:
4 Upstanders in Action Summit: A Student-Led Event The Duke School  We brought together our school community and the community of those in North Carolina, specifically Durham. We brought teachers, parents, former parents, and other upstanders in the larger community that could teach students in our smaller community how to be upstanders. By bringing these two communities together, we have created stronger bonds between our speakers, our teachers, and our students.
4 Haunted Halloween Trail Greenfield School Even though we usually look internally to build momentum and support for projects, this time we expanded to reach other families in the community. We did so by advertising our haunted trail throughout the community to invite new people to our school while raising money for CHEW. New families were able to see the wonderful things happening at Greenfield and many students and faculty were able to participate in this fun new tradition.
4 Ravenscroft's Culture Observers Ravenscroft  By exposing healthy aspects of the community, observers hope to encourage the development of these trends in other parts of the community, across disciplines and student groups. Likewise, they seek to eliminate unhealthy aspects. Only because of their efforts can the school create a more unified student body and more supportive teachers. Observers themselves will hopefully become more conscientious community members who work to better the experiences of all other members of the community.
4 The Value of a Sustainability Committtee Durham Academy A sustainability committee is vital for any school. There are many great reasons for having a committee that focuses on the environmental impact of one's school. For example, it can be run by students, organize fundraisers, empower the student body, and help reduce the school's carbon footprint. Furthermore, a sustainability committee can inspire students and teachers to advocate for environmental justice. Sustainability committees introduce positive change in your community and are critical for today's changing world!
4 Study and Analysis of Prejudice at Durham Academy Durham Academy This presentation explicates the study and analysis of prejudice regarding race, gender, and political affiliation at the Durham Academy Upper School (DAUS). The purpose of the study was to assess the prejudice DA alumni felt and the social biases that current DAUS students and faculty feel exists at DA concerning race, gender, and political affiliation. Through surveys to all three cohorts and interviews with school administrators, continuity points were drawn between the three and ideas were generated that aim to increase diversity while also decreasing negative prejudice at DA.
4 PeerKonnect: Sustainable, Efficient Peer Tutoring Duke University PeerKonnect ( brings efficient, sustainable peer tutoring programs to schools through software. Research suggests peer tutoring is one of the most cost-effective ways for students to learn, with many social/emotional benefits for students, but schools struggle to implement efficient programs due to the labor-intensive nature of the work required to set one up. PeerKonnect's software makes it easy for students within the same school to find and schedule peer tutoring sessions with each other and enables faculty to oversee all program activity and manage a great peer tutoring program.
5 Designing for Durham The Duke School  For this project, in small groups, we examined our values and the values of Durham to design a miniature golf hole for a pop-up mini-golf recreation site in downtown Durham. Our design represents the rich and diverse cultural history of the bull city. Our team honored Duke Chapel, and as part of the design process, met with representatives of the chapel and other stakeholders in Durham to get feedback on our design.
5 Ravenscroft's SPEAK  Ravenscroft  Students Pursuing Equity and Kindness involves students in an annual day of workshops as well as various events throughout the year. Workshops are proposed, developed, and delivered by students. Past topics have included religious diversity, mental health, stereotypes/implicit bias, privilege, socioeconomic inequality, etc. Formats include discussion, games, videos, activities (such as Privilege Walk). Programs have also included guest speakers, spoken word and music performance. The program continues to expand in scope. Students have found the program transformative, even life-changing.
5 Hill Young Leaders  Hill Learning Center  Using the ValueAble Leader Project designed by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), the Hill Young Leaders identified their core values. We learned about the importance of our values to us, as individuals, and explored ways we could use the knowledge of our values to make better choices. Through a partnership with CCL we used the ValueAble Leader tool to help build a leadership/values curriculum to be incorporated into our Upper School Advisory program.
5 Triangle Debate League: Building community bridges through debate.  Cary Academy  Founded in 2018, Triangle Debate League (TDL) brings the benefits of competitive debate to area public schools that do not have the funds or staff to provide the activity. Studies show that participation in debate improves academic and professional opportunities and outcomes. Community bridges are built through mentoring, coaching and competition facilitated by college students and experienced high school debate students in the Triangle area.
5 Mythbusters: The Model Minority  Durham Academy  What is the model minority myth, and why does it matter? If you have ever wondered about why people think "Asians are so good at math" or wanted to know what effects these kinds of "positive stereotypes" have in our society, join Annie and Marcelle for some deep discussions and myth-busting! As uncomfortable as this conversation may seem, they make sure to create a safe space to talk about this topic so they can break the silence that's all too common!
5 13 Reasons Why's Influence on Teen Suicides  Durham Academy This project explores the correlation between 13 Reasons Why and an increase in teenage suicides. 13 Reasons Why revolves around high school student Hannah Baker, who killed herself after facing gossip, sexual assault, and lack of support. Although the producers argue that it is raising suicide awareness, their project affirms that focusing public attention on suicide without efforts to minimize harm can be counterproductive and even dangerous. This issue is especially relevant in schools and the local community, and the goal is to raise awareness about the effects of harmful media on teenagers.


Student Poster Specifications:

Poster/Display Requirements:

  • Poster / Display may be no larger than  3 ft by 3 ft.

  • Laptops may be used (wifi is available, but power source will not be).

  • Projection, sound, and freestanding displays are not permitted.

Poster Suggestions & Tips  

  • All text material should be legible from about 2 feet away.

  • Posters should include text and graphics and use color to add emphasis and clarity.

  • Displayed materials should be self-explanatory and should enhance the verbal presentation and discussion.

All poster presentations will take place in the exhibit hall between 2:15 & 3:25 p.m. Each presentation will have a designated space in the Exhibit Hall (Room 1 C/D). 

If you are in Session IV: Arrive/set up time: 2:00pm, Present: 2:15 - 2:45pm

If you are in Session V: Arrive/set up: 2:45pm, Present: 2:55 - 3:25pm

When you arrive at the McKimmon Center, please check-in at the registration table. You will be given a name tag and directed to the exhibit hall.