May 1, 2019 | Wesleyan Christian Academy

 The Foolishness of the Empty Seat 

We all understand the negative impact that an “empty seat” has on our school’s financial strength. As Christian school leaders we also have to wrestle with the reality that every empty seat is a missed opportunity to see a life transformed for The Kingdom. The Christian school has always sought to be transformational – individually in the life of each student, collectively in the life of each family, and culturally in the life of the region and even nation.

While the Gospel message stays the same in every age, today’s Christian school leaders face different enrollment struggles than leaders in past decades. How can we take this truth that is so “perennial” and unpack it in an organized and compelling way that will attract families that are so . . . “Millennial?”

Come join CSM Senior Consultant, “Wild Bill” Simmer as we explore effective enrollment and re-enrollment practice within the new context we find ourselves in.

We will cover:

  • The three keys to enrollment stability and growth – What are the core “difference makers” that separate schools that are effective at driving enrollment, and those that are struggling.
  • The two keys to effective servant leadership – In what ways do the board and the operations team need to work together within their respective roles to help drive enrollment?
  • The one key to a fulfilled vocation for the Christian leader – What is the relationship between struggling enrollment and struggling school leaders, and what can you do to ensure that your school both fills the empty seat, and creates an environment that brings meaning and fulfillment in the lives of your faculty and staff.

Note: in a single day, we cannot cover ‘everything’, but we will work hard together to end the day with an actionable plan that will take your school forward in concrete ways. If you bring your own school’s data, you will be able to personalize that plan as we work together.

This collaboration between NCAIS and CSM emphasizes the mission of NCAIS to “strengthen and support independent schools” within the context of Christian schools in North Carolina. We welcome Principals/Heads of School and any on the Leadership Team.

Target Audience: Heads of School, Assistant Heads, Division Directors, Admissions Directors, Advancement Directors, and any members of the school leadership team, along with Board Members of Christian independent schools

Cost: $80 per person or $69 per person for groups of 3+

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