August 28, 2020 | 12:30-4:30 pm 

Join this interactive Live Webinar and further equip yourself for the unprecedented and unpredictable change we expect this fall. Learn about the neuroscience of the challenge of change and how to position yourself to leverage for resilience. Learn about self-advocacy in a role with less visibility and start to feel in control again. Our day will include whole group and small group activities, as well as time for personal reflection.


12:30 pm: Icebreaker and Agenda  

1:00 pm: Neuroscience of Change

  • Change and threat response activity

  • Small group discussion

  • Whole group Q & A

1:45 pm: Brain Break

2:00 pm: Leveraging Resilience

  • 7 keys to resilience

  • Pair share

  • Reflection time

2:50 pm: Brain Break

3:00 pm: Self Advocacy and Managing Up

  • How to make yourself visible

  • Breakout room discussions

  • Whole group Q & A

4:15 pm:  Reflection and Share 

  • What was the most helpful thing from today? 

  • What is one thing I will implement right away? 

  • Who will be my accountability partner

4:30 pm: Adjourn