April 3, 2020 | 10 am- 2 pm
Salisbury Academy

Administrative assistants and support staff are the unsung heroes of our schools. Often behind the scenes, they keep everything running smoothly, while also being the first face or voice that our stakeholders and prospective families see and hear. This vital role is not necessarily seen as a 'leadership position', yet it could be argued that leading from behind is what our support staff do all day. During our Food For Thought session, we will explore our individual DISC results, learn ways to use our strengths to further the mission of the school, and how understanding ourselves more clearly, we can leverage our skills to become more effective team members.

Cost: $50/person

Target Audience: Administrative Assistants

DirectionsSalisbury Academy, Jake Alexander Blvd N Salisbury, NC  28147

Pre-event:        Take the DISC Assessment (link will be provided)

10:00 am:         Gather and Introductions

10:30 am:         Knowing Yourself and Understanding Others: DISC Results & Interpretation | Linda Nelson, Executive  Director, NCAIS
Participants in the NCAIS Institute will learn to better understand themselves and those around them in this DISC feedback session. Teachers will complete the 20-30 minute online assessment prior to the Institute and receive a complete report via email. During the session, we will deconstruct the report, helping participants gain a working knowledge of their behavioral and communication preferences. We’ll also provide practice opportunities to apply what you’ve learned. Self-awareness gained through DISC will help you acclimate successfully to your school environment and improve communication with students, parents, and colleagues.

12:00 pm:         Lunch

 1:00 pm:          Roundtable Discussions