April 28, 2020
Forsyth Country Day School

8:30 am Registration and Continental Breakfast

9:00 am Welcome and Opening Session:
Technology + Empathy: Immersive Experiences in Education | Julie King
The landscape of technology is changing rapidly, bringing exciting opportunities for students to learn, create, and to share with others. While we teach students to code and make, educators must also help students cultivate empathy and develop as literate, caring citizens of a digital world. This session includes an overview of emerging technologies and ideas for integrating these tools to create meaningful experiences, including one fourth-grade class’s use of virtual reality to learn about standing up for others.

10:15 am Break

10:30 am Panel Discussions | Select One
Digital Citizenship Panel Discussion | Ginnie Pitler, Moderator
Karl Schaefer, Allison Barfield
MakerSpace Panel Discussion | Mark Snow, Moderator
Karen McKenzie, Leigh Northrop, Tom Dubick
Security and Data Panel
Keith Wood, Mark Liberator, Tram? (Cannon),

11:30 am Affinity Groups | Select One:
Problem-Based Learning and Solving Real Problems | Michelle Klosterman and Kelly Eisenbraun
Sustainable Development Goals and Making an Impact | Karl Schaefer
Breaking Out of Our Silos: Schedules that Support Integration & Student Agency | Robin Snow
Supporting the Spaces and Equipment in a Modern School | 

12:15 pm Lunch & Robotics Playground

1:15 pm Breakout Session II | Select One
Intentional Integration | Ginnie Pitler
What is the difference between the current perception of ed-tech in your school versus the reality of ed-tech in your school? Join this session to engage in a conversation fueled by rapid-fire questions centered around topics including tech for learning, tech addiction, ubiquitous screen behavior, and tech conversations trending in Admissions and Advancement. Our discussion will include the use of two reflection tools to take back into the classroom: polling with Nearpod and the Tri-Shape Reflection tool.

Low Ceiling AR and VR | Karl Schaefer
Learn about and investigate how your school could harness Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR). We will explore the use of Merge Cubes and Headsets for both AR and VR, CoSpaces Edu for the creation of AR and VR environments. In addition, we will have opportunities to use Google Expeditions and Nearpod VR to see how these resources can be leveraged for curricular projects.

Coding & Computer Science in the Curriculum | Mark Snow
From Arduinos to mobile app development, experience a variety of options to bring authentic coding into your curriculum. We will look at a variety of platforms that can allow your school to introduce programming and problem-solving skills at all grade levels.

IT Software and App Life Cycles | 

2:30 pm Breakout Session III | Select One
Promoting Student Voice Through Podcasting or Videos | 

Immersive Technologies: The Next Frontier | Karen McKenzie, Cary Academy
Is your school already dabbling in AR and VR? Are you ready to take the plunge into the high-tech tools or do you want to check out what is out there and dream a little? Come spend an hour hearing about the latest AR and VR ed-tech tools and spend some time getting to try out some of Cary Academy’s “toys” in the immersive technology arena.

Ed Tech Professional Development: Techniques and Strategies | Allison Barfield
If you’re responsible for providing EdTech Professional Development at your school you know the #struggleisreal. Getting teacher buy-in for optional sessions isn’t easy. I’ll share strategies on how I got the most reluctant to the tech savviest teacher to learn something new. Sharing is caring, right? Participants will have an opportunity to share their own PD strategies so that we will all walk away with new ideas and connections!

IT: | Mark Snow

3:30 pm Adjourn