March 5, 2021
 9:00 am Welcome | Linda Nelson
               Leading and Lessons Learned in the Pandemic | Karl Sherrill
There is a choice to be made in times like these. Retreat and hide or embrace and move forward. Moving forward requires us to honestly assess the situation and then press onward. Disruptions to our normal routines can provide great opportunities to learn. This session will share insights around work life balance, networks, virtual strategies, positive thinking, and accountability.
 9:45 am Brain Break

10:00 am Keynote Presentation:  Leading Into the Next Normal for Independent Schools| Jeff Shields, National Business Officers Association, President & CEO 
The role of the independent school business officer has evolved significantly over the last 10+ years as a result of the great recession and is likely to evolve further over the next decade as we grapple with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the business of our school communities. The bottom line is that your schools need you to be resilient leaders and innovators while still managing a broad portfolio of key functions. This session will focus on essentials for leading your school into the future, the resources and tools that will help you manage today’s crisis and an unpredictable future, as well as the key relationships that will be imperative to your continued success. 

Learning Objectives:
  1. Understand how two pivotal disruptions (The Great Recession and the COVID-19 Pandemic) had a catalytic impact on the role of the independent school business officer
  2. Learn how to enhance strong partnerships with the head of school, trustees, and other lead administrators that are key to your success and your school’s
  3. Plan for the “next normal” by identifying resources and tools that will help you lead successfully and secure the financial future of your school
11:00 am Stretch Break
11:15 am Breakout Session I | Select 1 to attend live ~ all sessions will be recorded for later viewing
Effective Financial Governance Through the Business Officer and Board Partnership | Jennifer Hillen and James Palmieri, NBOA
In addition to their relationship with the head of school, the board’s partnership with the business officer is critical to an independent school’s success and long-term financial sustainability. Trustees rely heavily on the business officer to understand the pressures facing the school in order to advance its strategic conversations and direction, such that business officers are uniquely positioned to be a catalyst for their board’s transformation. Featuring a new publication from NBOA and authors, Ron Salluzzo and Phil Tahey, this program will foster a stronger relationship between the business officer and trustees and ensure that the school is best positioned to identify and track meaningful school health indicators. Secure a deeper level of fiduciary stewardship and financial governance by supporting the board’s understanding of the multi-faceted independent school business model, the complex drivers impacting it, and the questions they should ask to inform more strategic discussions and decisions.
Understanding Your HR Options | Jim Lynch, National Director of Education, TriNet
Education leaders are constantly searching for ways to streamline processes while managing a tight budget. To add to this, employment law is complicated and mistakes can be extremely costly to schools. This webinar will help you learn about the different options available for managing HR and provide you with the advantages and disadvantages to each as you consider which HR solution is right for your school.
Crushing Payment Fraud | Christian Olanowski, Paymerang
Did you know your current check processing is posing risks and exposing your AP payments to payment fraud risks? With internal and external threats on the rise, accounting teams have no time to lose in mitigating the risks of payment fraud, safeguarding sensitive banking information, and ensuring the integrity of the accounting system. Electronic payment solutions, such as virtual cards and ACH transactions, provide greater protections than paper checks, mitigating the risk of payment fraud.
12:15 am Lunch
1:00 pm Breakout Session II
Stewardship Roundtable with CASE and NBOA | Ann Snyder, CASE and Jennifer Hillen, NBOA
Join Ann and Jennifer for a roundtable discussion about stewardship in a changing advancement landscape. Discuss how Advancement and the Business Office can come together to ensure the school’s strong future and fiscal health. Highlights include:
  • Articulating value propositions
  • Communicating transparently and with gratitude
  • Strategic alignment and priority setting
  • Lessons learned from COVID
  • The long-term function of stewardship and its intersection with financial sustainability
This will be an informal discussion with key points form the panelists and a conversation amongst participants. Please bring your questions, your ideas, and your anecdotes to share about our changed world.
The Role of Human Resources in the Development of a Healthy School Culture | Sara Skinner, Director of Human Resources, Lakeside School, Seattle, Washington
This session will help school leaders understand the value of human resources and how to effectively integrate a practice that supports a schools’ unique culture.  Learn how HR supports employees at the ground level, ensures policies protect the school and advocate for employees, avoids legal challenges, improves morale and provides guidance and support to leadership teams thus allowing leaders to focus on school management.  Participants will be provided with real time examples of how human resources has positively changed and supported the ongoing development of a healthy school culture.
Maximizing Your Retirement Plan Goals and Mitigating Your Fiduciary Risk | Martin Bel, CBIZ
In this presentation, we’ll give you the tools to help pinpoint deficiencies and map out the steps you need to take to correct them. We will cover ERISA fiduciary responsibilities, establishing prudent fiduciary processes, fiduciary governance, investments, fees and expenses, maximizing retirement plan goals, and best practices & considerations with retirement plans.
2:15 pm Breakout Session III
COVID and More: a Legal Update for the Business Office | Lisa Gordon Stella, Attorney
This session will cover current topics related to COVID-19 and the potential changes in the law and its enforcement, focusing on the impact to business operations. Topics include vaccinations and the Americans with Disabilities Act,  the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Questions are encouraged!
Lessons Learned From A Campus Master Plan | Fletcher Gregory, Charlotte Latin School and Tom Balke, Little Diversified Architectural Consulting
Charlotte Latin and Little Diversified Architectural Consulting worked together to design a master plan for the school campus. Now that the project is complete, and with the benefit of hindsight, Tom and Fletcher will share their journey through the process.
Crazy Eddie:  How One of the Biggest Frauds of the 1980’s Can Still Teach Us Lessons Today | Jim Fries, Brown Edwards
What can the largest corporate fraud of the 1980’s teach private schools today?  Join Jim Fries as he reviews this real life case to see what went wrong, how it was caught, and how we can learn from it.
3:30 pm Roundtable Discussions
4:15 pm Adjourn