We are very excited to launch our Subscription Series for School Leadership! 

LIVE one-hour Workshops via Zoom at 10 am on select Mondays. Workshops will be recorded for asynchronous viewing later in Thinkific with topics ranging across divisions and subjects, & MORE! A monthly calendar of opportunities will be distributed so that those who are interested can mark their calendars and sign up to receive the Zoom links. The subscription is SCHOOL BASED so unlimited School Leadership faculty can participate in as many of the virtual opportunities as they want. 

Dates: September 2022 - April 2023

Cost: Member pricing $250/school for full access | Guest pricing: $400/school for full access

Target Audience: Heads of School, Associate Heads of School, Division Directors, Business Officers, CFOs, Admissions & Advancement Directors, Directors of Security & other School Leaders. 

 Date  Target Audience  Speaker(s)  Title
09/12 Business managers, HR managers, school leadership Jay Newby and Crystale Gorny, Key risk Successful School Safety Solutions
We understand the importance of getting your staff back to work after an accident in order to continue to serve the students & community that rely on them daily. Through our years of partnerships with schools, we at Key Risk have learned first-hand the safety materials, innovative tools, and personalized return-to-work options that work best in school settings. Join us as we share our learned experiences so that you can create a safe school environment for all.
09/19 Heads of School, Assistant Heads, Division Heads  Jill Webb To Be Announced
 09/26 Heads of School, Assistant Heads, Division Heads Heather Broadwater Peyton's Place: Lessons from Locker Room Controversies
Using a few high-profile locker room controversies for context and examples, this webinar will explore some of the common problems and legal issues that arise in locker rooms in independent schools. We'll discuss harassment, bullying, and issues related to gender identity.
 10/03  Heads of School  Heather Broadwater  Is Your School in Employment Law Jeopardy?
Using the popular game show format, this session will use answers and questions to cover some common but problematic employment law issues.
 10/10  HOS, CFOs/business officers, admissions, and other key decision-makers Marsh & McLennan Agency  "It's Elementary, My Dear Watson": Why You Should Consider Tuition Insurance
 Are you pondering whether your school should offer tuition insurance? Do you offer a plan to your families but aren't sure if it is the best fit for your community? Tuition Insurance for independent Pre-K through 12th grade can protect your school’s operating budget, while at the same time protecting students and families from large financial obligations to the school in the event of a withdrawal or discharge. In this session, we will review what a tuition insurance policy can cover, typical plan designs, average cost, claim examples, and other tuition insurance-related items.
 10/17  To Be Announced    
 10/24 Head Of School /Admissions Directors/Alumni Relations/Advancement  John Littleford Marketing to full enrollment: quickly and powerfully
Mobilizing your parents (and alumni) to become not passive consumers but passionate advocates within 12 to24 months 
 10/31  Head of School, CFO, Advancement  John Sullivan & Jeff Hensley  Are We Ready for a Capital Campaign?
 When a vision for new work in our time enters the hearts and minds of leadership and a campaign appears to be the preferred method for raising resources, it is important to consider the “cost” and how a campaign will change life and operations for the board, the Head of School, the development team and yes, the staff and financial partners of the organization. While no two campaigns are identical, many share a similar process, go through similar phases, have common success elements and are subject to similar pitfalls. These elements of success are worth understanding and embracing early in the campaign planning process.
 11/07  Heads of School/CFO's, Business Officers, Human Resources  Heather Broadwater  The Bermuda Triangle: FMLA, Parental Leave, and Short Term Disability
 Schools generally officer generous benefits to their employees, including paid and unpaid time off for “maternity leave” and other types of parental leave. When this generosity meets the legal obligations under FMLA and the School’s own Parental Leave and Short-Term Disability plans, it can create a confusing mess leading to complaints of unfairness all around.  
 11/14  Advancement/Development Office/ Heads of School  John Sullivan Robust Development Efforts from a Small Development Team
 Are you a school with limited fundraising and development staff? Do your development teammates also wear other hats in the school (admissions, athletics, instruction, etc.)? Do you want to grow your development operations but need the financial capital to make that goal a reality? In this session, we will provide solutions for small staff (or no staff) development operations; we will focus on capacity building, development operations, and relational fundraising.
 12/05  To Be Announced    
 12/12  To Be Announced