January 12-14, 2022 

This year’s Heads, Trustees, & CFO's Retreat, Framing the Future Together, led by the team at Mission & Data, will challenge participants to rethink how they engage in leadership and governance to remain mission-aligned and support the long-term viability of their schools. Emerging from a period of economic disruption, political polarization, and racial tension, the independent school landscape has shifted dramatically over the last 18 months. How school leaders and trustees partner around complex issues has never been more important. 

Our Location: The Beautiful Pinehurst Resort & Spa 

Wednesday afternoon's Trustee session will explore how the head of school-board partnership has evolved during the pandemic, and how heads and trustees can strengthen their relationship through the lens of organizational sustainability. We will tackle the question on everyone’s mind: How can school leaders and trustees navigate landmines such as political polarization? We will explore community tensions, impossible questions, and provide participants with practical tools to build a shared understanding with stakeholders around the critical issues facing our schools.

Thursday morning's group session for heads, trustees, and CFOs will focus on how leaders can build the capacity for change while staying true to their school’s mission.  What does financial sustainability and optimizing resource deployment look like post-COVID? The morning will offer opportunities for participants to engage in small-group, interactive programming that examines these questions and more. Attendees will collaborate to work through the opportunities (and challenges) of seeding and embedding lasting change. Participants will also examine how schools can build a strong foundation to support mission-driven, data-informed decision-making during a dynamic financial sustainability simulation.

Thursday afternoon will feature a variety of breakout sessions on relevant topics. 

Friday morning is just for our heads of school, giving us the time and space to reflect on what resilience means for effective leadership. During this session, we will explore elements of self-care, as well as how to set boundaries with trustees, parents, and other school stakeholders. We will end our time together with a group discussion on what heads of school need from their trustees and from membership organizations like NCAIS to support leadership sustainability. 

COVID PROTOCOL: Given the recent uptick in COVID cases, we wanted to share our protocol for the upcoming Heads, Trustees, and CFOs conference. Out of an abundance of caution and respect for those who may be immunocompromised, we are asking everyone to wear a mask at the conference, except while eating or drinking. We will spread ourselves out as much as possible in our gathering spaces. In addition, upon arrival, we will ask everyone to self-identify their comfort level with interactions by selecting a sticker that corresponds to their preference:

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