2023 Honors Chorus Festival Schedule

Thursday, October 19
9:00am      Student Arrival (UZ Lobby)
9:30am      Full Rehearsal (Huff)
11:15am    Sectional Rehearsals (Huff, Hensdale, G5, Matthews)
12:00pm    Lunch Break (Green and Gold Cafeteria)
12:45pm    Masterclass with Dr. Susan Durhan-Lozaw (Huff)
2:00pm      Full Rehearsal (Huff)
3:15pm      Masterclass with Dr. Jose Rivera (Huff)
4:00pm      Snack break
4:15pm      Full rehearsal
5:15pm      Dismissal (UZ Lobby)

Friday, October 20
9:15am     Check-in (UZ Lobby)
9:30am     Full Rehearsal (Huff) *risers*
11:15am   Admissions/MU talk (Huff)
11:45am   Lunch (Green and Gold Cafeteria)
12:30pm   Students dress for concert
1:15pm     Full Dress Rehearsal (Huff)
2:00pm     Doors open for audience (Huff)
                   Students gather (G5)
2:30pm     Concert Begins (Huff)
3:10pm     Dismissal (UZ Lobby)