In the past, independent schools were often shielded from turbulent cultural and political unrest. Over the last decade, however, we have watched that buffer erode, and it has become clear that our campuses are not immune to the effects of our nation's divisive climate. Parents are voicing their concerns, sometimes loudly and publicly. Classroom teachers are pushing boundaries or crossing them all together, discussing personal beliefs and political views with students. More than ever, administrators and trustees are working to keep the peace, to manage expectations, and to cultivate and maintain cohesive, mission-driven communities. And it is exhausting.

Join fellow NCAIS school leaders for a few days away from campus to decompress, discuss successes and challenges, and learn from facilitators and colleagues. This year, we encourage Heads of Schools to bring their Board of Trustees, Chief Financial Officers, and Chief Advancement Officers for candid and collaborative conversations around school leadership, fundraising, and sustainability.

Presenters: Dave Michelman (Consultant), Bradley James Davies (Consultant), Penny Abrahams (ISM), Phil Higginson (ISM), and Bill Mott (Consultant)

Note as you plan for hotels/travel: Wednesday and Thursday sessions are open to all attendees (Heads, Trustees, CFOs and Advancement Directors), while Friday is reserved for Heads only.

NCAIS Heads of School: $275/pp
NCAIS Trustees, CFOs, and Advancement Directors: $375/pp
Guest Heads of School: $475/pp
Guest Trustees, CFOs, and Advancement Directors: $475/pp
Corporate Partners: $275/pp

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