In today's fast-paced and often chaotic world, it's crucial for educators and administrators to provide a steady anchor of support and stability for our students, especially in Lower School where children are still developing their emotional and cognitive skills. With this in mind, this year’s conference is centered around the theme, The Calm in the Storm: Being the Source of Grounding for our Children amid a Tumultuous World." 

We will have the opportunity to hear from fellow NCAIS educators and invited guests who will share valuable insights and techniques for promoting emotional well-being, fostering resilience, and cultivating a profound sense of security and belonging among our students. By delving into these topics and others related to the theme, educators and administrators can better equip themselves to serve as the calming and grounding influences that our Lower School students need, ultimately empowering them to thrive in today's turbulent world.

Speakers: Dr. Susan Perry (Forsyth Country Day School), Emily Hayes (The Lerner School), Alie Brinegar M.Ed. (Forsyth Country Day School),  Dr. Yolanda McClure (Forsyth Country Day School), Ronda Fernandez (The Oakwood School), Emily Lugo (Ravenscroft School), Lindsey Barnett (Ravenscroft School), Michelle Rosen (Durham Academy), Carolyn Ronco (Durham Academy), Jason Mundy (Durham Academy), Malcolm Boone (Rabun-Gap Nacoochee School), Matt Piscitelli (Trinity Epsicopal School), Payton Gooch (Rabun Gap-Nacoochee School), Deanne Gallo-Hounsell (Rabun-Gap Nacoochee School), Michelle Gorman (Davidson Day School), McKenzie Spivey (The Fletcher School)

Target Audience:
All Educators and Administrators who work with Lower School Students

Cost: NCAIS Member Schools $150/pp, Guests $200/pp

Many thanks to our exhibitors, Frogstreet and VS America!


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