Human Resources Consulting and Training

Managing workplace issues, ensuring HR compliance, and solving complicated employment situations can be demanding.  NCAIS is a member of Catapult and is able to offer greater support and resources to NCAIS member schools.  Catapult is a recognized resource offering consulting services, training, and access to local and national data survey data.

Catapult launched at the start of 2021, when Capital Associated Industries of Raleigh and the Triad and The Employers Association of Charlotte merged to form a new, more powerful organization that serves more than 2,300 employers across North Carolina and beyond. The merger brings together the collective expertise of two well-respected associations, founded in the late 1950s and early 1960s, to help employers address their biggest challenges in creating exceptional workplaces.

As questions arise, please contact Rebecca Slay/NCAIS Director of Finance or Linda Nelson/NCAIS Executive Director.  We will work with Catapult to connect you to the resources you need.