Corporate Support Policy

NCAIS sponsors and exhibitors are expected to adhere to standards that are in keeping with the mission and philosophy of the North Carolina Association of Independent Schools. These standards, outlined below, reflect the terms by which sponsors and exhibitors may interact with NCAIS Schools. In order to be an NCAIS sponsor or exhibitor, you must agree to abide by these guidelines: 

  • The sponsor or exhibitor will not suggest or imply, in any written or oral communication, that NCAIS has endorsed any of its products or services, or use the NCAIS logo or name in any form without prior consent.
  • In all communications, electronic, online, and in person, the sponsor or exhibitor will speak accurately about the strengths of its products and services and not imply weaknesses in competitors’ products or services. Aggressive sales pitches and attempts to monopolize conversations are strongly discouraged.  
  • Formal introductions to attendee groups at conferences are at the discretion of NCAIS staff. If the opportunity to introduce yourself and your organization is presented, it is expected that you will keep the introduction to 60 seconds or less.
  • Sponsors and exhibitors agree to respect the privacy of school email addresses obtained and refrain from using them in mass solicitation of products or services. One-time follow up with contacts established at conferences is acceptable. Pre-conference contact via email is prohibited.
  • NCAIS reserves the right to cancel a sponsorship or exhibit reservation if, in the sole judgment of the NCAIS Executive Director, the sponsor or advertiser violates any of these principles or is deemed to be discriminatory or its actions become inappropriate to the interests of the membership. In such cases, there will not be a refund.

Acknowledgement of Risk and Safety Procedures

Participation in NCAIS’ in-person events signifies an attendee’s acknowledgement of the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntary assumption of the risk of exposure or infection by attending the in-person event. Attendees agree to comply with all COVID-related procedures, including distancing and masking, that may be implemented by NCAIS, in accordance with CDC, state, local, and hotel requirements and recommendations.

NCAIS greatly values the thought leadership of our sponsors and exhibitors and has a long and successful track record of working with corporate sponsors through collaboration and information sharing that can benefit the NCAIS school community.  We believe in building long-term, personal relationships with our corporate sponsors and invite your ideas and suggestions of ways to improve or enhance the corporate support experience. If you’re interested in furthering your organization’s involvement with NCAIS, please reach out to Meghan Hilleboe at [email protected]