COVID-19 Resources

During this difficult and unprecedented time, the NCAIS team's primary focus is to support member schools with resources, guidance, and the collective wisdom of our community.  We want to help schools respond to the challenges that may be ahead with clarity, caution, and a sense of balance. NEWEST LINKS ARE SHARED AT THE TOP OF EACH SUBCATEGORY.

Virtual NCAIS Cohort Meetings:

For the foreseeable future, NCAIS is offering virtual cohort meetings each week at a set time in order for our community to share ideas, resources, and community. The meetings will last an hour and will be delivered via Zoom. Below is the schedule. If you are interested in joining a cohort, please fill out this short form to be added to the invitation list. **If you are interested in participating but the time doesn't work for you, please fill out the form and let us know of the conflict. If necessary, we will move the scheduled time or offer a second session.  NCAIS members can access links for each meeting on the Event Calendar after logging in above.  We look forward to seeing you!

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10:00 am Nurses Learning Specialists

(every other week) 

Advancement College Counselors 

(every other week)

 Summer Programs (10:45)

11:00 am     Student Life

(check NCAIS Event Calendar)

  IT Professionals 

(every other week)

12:45 pm          
 2:00 pm   Heads of School Business Officers Admissions/ Marketing

(every other week)

Early Childhood Educators
 3:15 pm LS Division Directors

(every other week)

MS Division Directors

(every other week)

US Division Directors

(every other week)

  K-1 Educators


 NCAIS Recorded Webinars


Supplemental Resources





Microsoft Teams Webinar 4.15.20



Economist Webinar  with Mike Walden 4.29.20



Tending to Faculty: Strategies for Improving Morale and Meetings Webinar with TAIS and Meredith Ford 4/28/20




Scott and Tammy Barron Webinar 5.13.20

Staying on Mission 2020  



Educational Resources: Transitioning to Online Learning & School Impact

Labster-Teaching High School Science with Virtual Labs (May 21, 2020)

Virtual Learning Hub (FREE lessons and resources) (April 3, 2020)

This is Not Online or Distance Learning (It is Emergency Distance Learning (April 3, 2020)

Possibilities Amid Pandemic: Mapping Interactions for Remote Learning | NAIS (4/1/20)

For Parents: The Education Cheat Sheet: Embracing the Challenge of Distance Learning (3/31/20)

"Panic-gogy": Teaching Online Classes During the Coronavirus Pandemic (3/31/20)

Nurturing SEL in a Virtual Classroom webinar on April 14, 2020 (3/31/20)

A Workshop: Asking Powerful Questions with District C (3/27/20)

Teach From Home: A Google Hub of Resources (3/27/20)

School Instruction Hours and SAIS Accreditation (3/26/20)

NAIS: Student Attendance and Grading (3/25/20)

Possibilities Amid Pandemic: Mapping Interactions for Remote Learning (3/25/20)

Distance Learning Tips From One Teacher to Another | PBS Education (3/25/20)

Virtual Teamwork: How to Make it Work for Your Organization (Center for Creative Leadership recorded webinar) (3/20/20)

Teaching Through Coronavirus: What Educators Need Right Now (3/20/20)

Fostering Growth Mindset in our Students and Ourselves, Part 1 & Part 2 (Webinar Recording) (3/20/20)

Online Test Proctoring (3/19/20)

Take a Flop Ball/Bean Bag Brain Break (3/19/20)

7 Tips on Working from Home (3/18/20)

Tips for Setting up Distance Learning at Your School (NAIS) (3/18/20)

Code Monkey (coding program for students) is now FREE during our distance learning phase (3/18/20)

Distance Learning Tools (slide show) (3/17/20)

Middle School Remote Learning Resources (AMLE)

Remote Advisory and SEL Resources (AMLE)

Continuity in Crisis: Planning for Teachers (One Schoolhouse)

Remote Learning in the Early Grades | Webinar Recording (NYSAIS)

Best Practices For Teaching Online | Webinar Recording (NYSAIS)

Teaching Online: How to Use Zoom Effectively | Webinar Recording (NYSAIS)

If Your School Buildings Need to close Due to COVID-19: Tech Considerations

ATLIS Clearinghouse

One Schoolhouse

Social-Emotional Learning Aspect: ABCs of Navigating COVID-19 Preparedness in Schools

NAIS Resource Page

United Educators Recommendations for School Travel

Leadership Resources

NCAIS and Avant Partner to Provide STAMP at a Discount to All Member Schools | Avant (4/8/20) | Veracross (4/3/20)

Managing Remote School Teams: Establishing a Foundation to Build Trust | NAIS (4/1/20)

Providing Stability in a Time of Crisis | Harvard School of Ed (3/26/20)

HBR Article: That Discomfort You're Feeling is Grief (3/25/20)

Student Resources

Coronavirus Infographics (updated regularly)

Just for Kids: A Comic Exploring the New Coronavirus (NPR)

BrainPOP Unit: Coronavirus

School Policy Resources & Legislative Changes: 

Any policy samples or legal briefs are for informational purposes only and should not be considered legal advice. Schools should contact their legal counsel for specifics.

Congress Takes Action on Coronavirus| CAPE Outlook April 3, 2020 (4/3/20)

US Chamber of Commerce Coronavirus Emergency Loans Handbook (3/30/20)

Department of Labor Pay Check Protection and Loan Forgiveness (3/27/20)

Department of Labor Guidance on Leave Laws (3/27/20)

Department of Labor Issues First Guidance on New Leave Laws (3/25/20)

New Law Requires Many Employers To Provide Job-Protected Leave and Paid Benefits For Absences Related to COVID-19 (3/19/20)

Employer Tax Relief Under COVID-19 Legislation (3/19/20)

Congress Finalizes COVID-19 Response Act: Prepare to Provide Paid Sick Leave and FMLA  (3/18/20)

NAIS Most FAQs of the Week (3/18/20)

NAIS Employee Considerations (3/18/20) 

Force Majeure Provisions

Guidelines and Expectations for Travel

Student Travel Disclosure Form

Online Medical/Government Response Resources

We are monitoring primarily the information coming from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institute for Health (NIH). There are many sources of good information; see the links below.

COVID Act Now (website suggested by CEO of Cone Health System) (4/3/20)

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center (4/3/20)

Center for Biocide Chemistries: Coronavirus-Fighting Products

CDC | General Information on the Coronavirus

CDC | Recommended Steps to Prevent Illness

CDC | Recommendations for Preventing Community Spread

CDC | Household Cleaning Guidelines

NIH | How COVID-19 Spreads

World Health Organization -- General Information on the Coronavirus 

State Department of Health

List of NC Health Departments

National Association of School Psychologists -- Talking to Your Child About COVID-19

A Note from the NCAIS Staff:

As the NCAIS office is remote, our staff will continue to work during this time. We are available by phone or email, should you have any questions or need anything from us. Linda Nelson has shared a Google folder with senior school administrators. She will continue to add resources to that folder, including sensitive or proprietary resources that are not going to be posted on this page. If you do not have access to that folder, please reach out to an NCAIS staff member.

For the foreseeable future, all of our events will be delivered in a virtual format.