A course for school communities to experience together on their journey towards racially equitable schools.

Cultivating Communities of Belonging 
Designed for all administrators, faculty, staff, and trustees, this course is broken into three main cohorts: School Foundations, Diversity Practitioners, and Senior Leadership. Each cohort will have four required modules and multiple optional modules. Participants are encouraged to spend a minimum of 20 hours on the course materials, including watching the pre-recorded videos, participating in the discussion boards and live Zoom opportunities to engage colleagues in conversation, and reflecting and designing a portfolio.

Timeline: This will be a 20-hour commitment over 12 weeks.

Target Audience: There are three cohorts with distinct content: Diversity Practitioners, Senior Leadership (including Trustees), and the School Foundations cohort for faculty and staff.

Course Outcomes:
Participants will

  • expand their ability to identify and acknowledge their personal biases as a first step to recognizing and redirecting thoughts and actions in real-time.

  • enrich their resource base of language and tools that facilitate meaningful conversations about race.

  • lean into the discomfort and vulnerability necessary for difficult conversations about race.

  • deepen their understanding of factors that have influenced the experiences of people of color in our country.

  • reflect on their sphere of influence, exploring the dynamics at work, including the life experiences they bring to the table.

Format: The asynchronous course will be hosted on the platform Thinkific. Opportunities for live Zoom conversations as well as discussion boards will be woven into the experience. 

Cost: $195 per person