Faculty, administrators, and staff at NCAIS schools have the opportunity to join one or more online communities through our NCAIS Connect platform.  If you have an NCAIS login, just click below and you’ll be directed to the NCAIS Connect homepage.  Click on “Get Started” and select your communities.  Some communities are restricted by job title, others are open to anyone who is interested.  Everyone is invited to be a member of our global NCAIS Connect Community.   If you don’t see a group that is a match for your school role and/or interests, please contact Rebecca Slay to explore starting a new group.  You may be asked to serve as the group administrator if the group you want to create is not on our list of upcoming new communities. 

NCAIS Connect

 If you work at an NCAIS school but don’t yet have online credentials, please contact Rebecca Slay who will help you CONNECT!