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NCAIS has established a relationship with Lex-is School Law Services and Lex-is Director, David Hostetler, to provide consulting services on legal issues pertinent to independent schools.  Updates, opinions, and other information will be posted here for NCAIS school use. NCAIS schools may direct their general NC law/independent school questions to Linda Nelson for assistance.  For questions pertinent to an individual school situation, schools may contact David Hostetler directly to discuss services and costs.  NCAIS schools are eligible for one complimentary 30 minute consultation and will receive preferred pricing when contracting with Lex-is. More information about Lex-is can be found at

Contact information: 
David R. Hostetler, Esq. 
Lex-is School Law Services
1289 Fordham Blvd., #251
Chapel Hill, NC  27514 

[email protected]
(919) 308-4652 (direct)
(919) 442-8593 (Internet line)
(815) 301-3931 (fax)

Please note: All information provided by Lex-is Services on this site is available as a courtesy to member schools. NCAIS makes no representation, guaranty or warranty whatsoever regarding legal accuracy, relevance, or completeness of the information.