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Makers Empire is a global educational technology company, headquartered in Australia with locations in the US.

Makers Empire has two innovative 3D printing solutions for K-8 educators:

1) Makers Empire 3D Learning Program is a 4-hour online professional development program on 3D printing and design, which includes high quality, intentional 3D tools and resources; and

2) Makers Empire Learning by Design course is a 20-hour, blended professional learning program for teachers wanting to learn more about design thinking and how to support their students to develop design thinking skills across the curriculum.

Our complete 3D printing solutions offer schools blended professional development, 3D printing lesson plans, a teacher’s dashboard and analytics, with optional 3D printing hardware add-ons.

Using Makers Empire, teachers can harness the power of 3D printing to teach important STEM concepts, design thinking, and 21st-century learning skills. Students are empowered by an engaging design process to develop a growth mindset and important problem solving, analytical and spatial thinking skills.

Makers Empire helps unlock young students’ natural drive to create, share and explore. Moreover, Makers Empire also provides a critical link between the unlimited creativity of the virtual world and the practical limits of the real world. Through trial and error, our students learn how to make their ideas a reality, and to develop real-world applications for their designs, an invaluable skill for these future job seekers and job creators. 

Makers Empire works with over 200,000+ students and 3,000+ teachers in Australia, America, Europe, and Asia. Together, we are helping to create a new generation of creators, problem solvers, and innovators. 

“I’m sending you the very best wishes and enormous gratitude for connecting our students with your learning program.  To say this purchase has been transformative might sound like an exaggeration but it’s pretty darn close to the truth. ” – Mary – Director Design Thinking – Pace Academy

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