October Opportunities At-A-Glance

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Date Target Audience Speaker(s) Title
October 4  School Leaders, School Counselors, Wellbeing Team, SEL Teachers Dr. Hayley Watson Building Resilience: Understanding the framework that sets students up for success at school and beyond
This session will provide educators and school leaders with a clear understanding of mental health reactions in students and a simple framework for getting to the root of what is causing these reactions. Participants will walk away with tools and strategies to build deep, lasting resilience in all their students, and empower their teachers to encourage continual growth and transformation in their entire student body.
October 6  Faith-based School Leaders, School Counsellors, Wellbeing Team, SEL Teachers  Dr. Hayley Watson  Holistic Wellbeing: Having faith-informed conversations about mental health with students
This session will provide educators and school leaders from faith-based schools with a clear framework for easily integrating social-emotional skill-building and discussions regarding faith. Participants will be provided with tools for guiding conversations with their student body that lead to a deep exploration of holistic wellbeing (including faith and psychological perspectives), and up-skilling their teaching staff in responding effectively to mental health concerns in students within the values framework of the school.
October 11  Upper Elementary-Upper School  Kent Lenci  Learning to Depolarize, Part II: Fostering Civil Discourse in the Classroom
This second workshop (in a series of three) dives into the classroom strategies that will help students communicate across lines of disagreement. Attendees who also joined the first workshop or who have independently thought deeply about the challenge of political polarization are the most likely to find lasting value in the strategies and tools discussed in this session.
 October 12  Lower School Katherine Bonasea/Keri Bartholomew Teaching the Youngest Reader: Evidence-based Comprehension Skill Instruction (K-2) - Part 2
This professional learning experience focuses on research-based strategies for developing the foundational skills that young children need to become proficient and independent readers. Participants will explore instructional activities for comprehension, vocabulary, and meaningful independent practice.
October 18  School Leaders, Wellbeing Team Dr. Hayley Watson Teaching Mental Health Skills: How to move from Triage to Transforming and make prevention a school-wide priority
This session will provide educational leaders with a clear framework for how they can effectively support the mental health of their students and teachers. They will be given specific steps they can take to ensure that all of their teachers are coping with the stressors they are facing and are equipped and confident in supporting the mental health of their students so that every student is engaged, successful, and thriving. Models will be taught that enable school leaders to easily disseminate this learning to their leadership team and staff, and embed new protocols that set their school community up for success  
October 19  Heads of School, Assistant Heads, Division Directors-Grades 5-12
 Mike Iskandar  The Time Travel Method: An Unconventional Path to Helping Students Love Who They Are
 This webinar will reveal the unconventional "Time Travel Method" behind a Social-Emotional Learning program that is helping adolescents transform their self doubt, anxiety, and depression into self compassion, self confidence, and meaningful connection. Using an interactive style that will get participants reflecting on their own life, I'll share the key strategies and activities of Time Travel Journeys--a fun, engaging SEL program that connects students to the imagination, curiosity, and playfulness of their past, the dreams, goals, and excitement of their future, and how the power of their past and future can uplift who their present sense of self. Play-Doh, crayons, and a childlike sense of adventure are encouraged!
October 20 3-12 Educators & Administrators, Staff Liza Garonzik Scaffolding Hard Conversations with ... Silence!
In this session, discussion-based learning expert Liza Garonzik will offer teachers and leaders insight into the power of silence in facilitating thoughtful, equitable, and efficient conversation -- with students and adults. You'll leave this session with several ideas for how you can incorporate strategic silences into your next meeting, training session, or classroom!
October 25 Upper Elementary-Upper School  Kent Lenci Learning to Depolarize, Part III: Helping Faculty Communicate Across the Political Divide
The national crisis of political polarization compels us to help students reach across lines of ideological difference. But how do we expect to do that successfully when we adults are so squeamish about doing it ourselves? This final presentation (in a series of three) broaches that most forbidden of possibilities—that we could in fact get into politics at school—by sharing the success story of one school that encouraged teachers to engage with each other across lines of political divide.
October 26 All teachers, Admin & Staff Gayatri Nehrusingh-Pajerowski  Student's Mindsets and Impacts on Learning
Stanford University's PERTS center offers online resources to teachers who want to change their students' mindsets about learning. Their Mindset Kit describes research showing that students’ beliefs about intelligence can have a big impact on their motivation. In this session we will:Review and discuss the curriculum for teaching a growth mindset, create a plan for modifying (if needed) and implementing the curriculum, and create a plan for giving and receiving feedback through peer observations. Learn about the kind of praise that promotes a growth mindset, see it in action, and have opportunities to practice responding to scenarios. Explore your own attitudes towards making mistakes, learn how to normalize mistakes from Carol Dweck and Jo Boaler, watch teachers use this practice in action, and explore activity ideas to try in your classroom.
October 27 Faith-based School Leaders, School Counsellors, Wellbeing Team, SEL Teachers Dr. Hayley Watson Teaching Forgiveness & Accountability: How Faith Can Inform School Conflict and Bullying Intervention Practices
This session will provide educators and school leaders from faith-based schools with a framework for relating to bullying and conflict between students by implementing evidence-based psychological tools through a faith-informed lens. Participants will be taught skills for integrating practices related to forgiveness and accountability to effectively shift power imbalances in students, and up-skilling teachers with intervention and prevention tools to deal with conflict as it aris


Schools are encouraged to register for the entire series of almost 70 one-hour sessions. Most will be recorded and available for later viewing. Not sure if your school is participating? Check with your Division Director! Ready to register for your school? Click below:

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For those who are not participating in the entire subscription series, you may register a-la-carte for $50 per person, per session; however, the recordings will not be available to you. Participation will need to take place during the live session. 

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