November 22, 2019 | Cannon School 

Target Audience: Ideal team would be school leaders (administrators, department chairs, academic deans, directors of studies, teachers, learning specialists, and counselors) from a cross-section of divisions.

Cost: $135 each or $350 for Series of 3 workshops

The What, The Why, and The How of Competency-Based Education 

 This three-day series is designed for educators to learn and understand the architecture of competency-based education.  Each of the days is designed as a stand-alone session. However, the series is designed as a coherent experience. Each session builds on the previous session providing topical significance for the participants to then incorporate in the afternoon session during guided design work. 

Day 1: The Competency Education Framework

In the morning session, participants will be introduced to the competency education framework.  Why competency education now? What does it look like in classrooms? How do I shift from traditional teaching and learning in the standards-based classroom to this competency framework?  This introductory session will lead to an afternoon for school teams to think through their readiness to move to competency education. (Resource: Colby, Rose L. Competency-Based Education: A New Architecture for K-1 Schooling. Cambridge: Harvard Education Press, 2017.