January 31, 2020 | Cary Academy
Target Audience: Ideal team would be school leaders (administrators, department chairs, academic deans, directors of studies, teachers, learning specialists, and counselors) from a cross-section of divisions.
Cost: $135 each or $350 for series of 3 workshops

Day 2:  Competency-Based Grading

In competency education, high quality feedback systems are based on high quality, balanced assessment systems. This session is designed to link competencies to their assessment system and then to a grading system that communicates learning.  Transitioning a grading system is difficult work and it must be done thoughtfully and with the right timing. With this in mind, this session uncovers the difficulty of this work: communicating changes to parents, grading concerns for exceptional children, and uncovering the myth of grading systems and college admissions.  The afternoon session will allow teams to reimagine their current grading system by examining its flaws and considering some next steps in designing a feedback system that is fair and equitable and integrated into plans for transitioning to competency education. 

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