April 1,2020 | Saint Mary's School 

Day 3: Quality Design Principles for Competency-Based Education

Target Audience: The ideal team would be school leaders (administrators, department chairs, academic deans, directors of studies, teachers, learning specialists, and counselors) from a cross-section of divisions.

Cost: $135 each or $350 for a series of 3 workshops

The focus of this session is to understand the sixteen quality design principles to guide a school’s developmental steps moving forward. Using those design principles, participants will work collaboratively to identify the design levers that should be prioritized in moving their schools forward.  Schools will share their design prototypes. (Sturgis, C., & Casey, K. (2018). Quality Principles for Competency-Based Education. Vienna, VA: iNACOL.https://tinyurl.com/yypx36bb)


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