Test Prep

Revolution Prep is a College Readiness Company that has been helping students improve their grades and increase standardized test scores for over 15 years. They provide personalized academic and test preparation tutoring services for middle and high school students.  Revolution Prep offers a variety of programs to help students achieve their academic goals.  Students received a customized plan and the best tutor that matches their learning style, interests, and goals.

Private Tutoring   SAT | ACT | PSAT | TOEFL | SSAT | ISEE | All Academic Subjects | Subject Test | AP | IB | General Reading Comprehension | Fundamental Math | Study Skills | Organizational Skills | Executive Functioning

+ An effective, flexible, comprehensive and efficient way to prepare

+ Tutors match based on interests, collegiate goals, personality, schedule, and more

+ A dedicated professional, full time tutor and a personal academic advisor 

+ 1-on-1 instruction with one of our most tenured instructors

+ Price depending on packages

SAT®/ACT™ Online Course

+ Fixed schedules available every day of the week

+ Access to the most elite private tutors in a group setting

+  Up to 8 other students in a session

+ Join a group course or create your own with your friends

For More Information: Marlene Fishbein | South Director| Revolution Prep

phone: 305-849-5466 | email: [email protected] | web: www.revolutionprep.com