Independent School Trustees not only play a critical role in the long-term sustainability of a school, but also in the health of the school culture. Often made up of very accomplished professionals in their own right, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Governing a nonprofit, independent school requires additional knowledge. Join Scott Wilson, retired Head of School from Baylor and current ISM consultant, and John Littleford, school consultant, as we navigate areas of expertise that may be new to Trustees. Each month, we will have a lunch filled with wisdom, lessons learned, and opportunities to get to know fellow Independent School Trustees and Heads. 

Cost: $25 person/workshop or $100 person/series

Board Governance Best Practices | Scott Wilson | October 11, 2022
The success and stability of independent schools correlate with effective governance provided by boards of trustees.  This session explores the best practices of good governance in independent schools, from individual trustees' expectations to effective committee structures. The session will conclude with a focus on leadership by effective board chairs and executive committees.

Governance Gray Areas & Sticky Situations | Scott Wilson | November 8, 2022
Regardless of best intentions, independent school boards inevitably face pressures to exert influence beyond the scope of their responsibilities. This session explores examples of such potential conflicts of interest and the ramifications of board involvement beyond their prescribed sphere of activity.

Benchmarking the Head of School Compensation Package | John Littleford | December 6, 2022
By law as well as good practice, boards need regularly to benchmark the compensation and benefits package for school heads. This is how to do it.

Navigating Leadership Challenges | Scott Wilson | February 14, 2023
The post-Covid era of school leadership has witnessed the addition of yet another layer of challenges on top of the “routine” demands of running independent schools. From the intrusion of boards into operations to the ever-increasing demands of vocal parent factions, heads of school and their teams are encountering challenges to their authority rarely encountered before.  This session explores how school leaders might anticipate such problems and work to keep the school’s focus where it belongs: on their students.

The Ramifications of American Politics on Schools | Scott Wilson | March 14, 2023
Our country is navigating a period of political and social volatility unseen in two generations. The fallout from the nation’s racial reckoning after George Floyd’s murder and the nastiness of contemporary politics has seeped into our schools in ways both overt and unseen. The country’s public schools have historically been on the front lines of such societal change, and, indeed, we are witnessing that phenomenon again.  From teacher attrition to school boards’ overseeing curricula, local, state, and national political movements are challenging the status quo. This session explores how these influences might affect independent schools.

The Need of Renewal: For Heads AND Boards | John Littleford | April 25, 2023
Defining opportunities and methods to nurture and support heads and board chairs, in particular.