The development of new learning models requires a new approach to assessments. A growing number of highly regarded instruments are available online at consortium prices.

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The College and Work Readiness Assessment (CWRA+) assesses essential lifelong learning skills.  Each year, over 200 middle schools and high schools use CWRA+ to assess their students’ critical-thinking, problem-solving, data-literacy, and communication skills through CAE’s unique performance-based approach. Member institutions use CWRA+ results to evaluate student readiness, to measure school effectiveness, and to conduct efficacy and research studies.  Reports include data on student and school proficiency in critical thinking and related skills, plus estimates of growth in these skills. CWRA+ is a valuable tool, demonstrating a commitment to school values and mission.

Early literacy screening is the key to effective literacy instruction and to preventing future reading problems.

The Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening (PALS) was developed at the University of Virginia and is a screening, diagnostic, and progress tool for measuring the fundamental components of literacy.  PALS is available for Pre-K through 8th grade and consists of three instruments:

PALS is designed to identify students in need of additional reading instruction beyond what is typically provided. PALS also informs teachers’ instruction by providing explicit information about their students’ knowledge of literacy fundamentals. A mid-year form and PALS Quick Checks allow for ongoing student progress monitoring throughout the year.

PALS español will identify students’ literacy strengths in their native Spanish language in order to accelerate English reading and spelling development. Designed to reflect the stages of Spanish literacy development, PALS español will distinguish between students who simply have English oral language delays and those who have actual reading difficulties.

Visit www.palsmarektplace to learn more about PALS and to download the technical references and/or samples of our assessment instruments.

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