Over 250 supplemental online courses for students are available through VISnet, in conjunction with our approved providers.   Thoroughly vetted by independent school teachers, these courses offer a quality alternative for schools wishing to expand their course offerings, alleviate scheduling issues, accelerate/remediate students, or address individual student interests or talents. Course offerings include Advanced Placement, Core Curriculum, Honors Courses, Specialty/Elective Courses, and Credit Recovery.  Offerings for students in grades K-5 include core subjects, arts, and world languages.

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Edhesive makes it possible for schools to offer a pathway of computer science courses and does not require schools to have a computer science instructor on staff. Edhesive's blended learning program combines expert online instruction with in-person support. Students learn content from a sequence of video lessons, lab assignments, and auto-graded assessments - while schools provide a teacher who is not required to be familiar with coding. Teachers provide students with face to face support, motivation, and accountability, and serve as the teacher of record. Edhesive provides PD and training to teachers, and seven days per week online forum support to both students and teachers.  Edhesive is also used by many experienced CS instructors who love using the platform as a way to augment their existing curriculum and teach in a fully blended learning environment.
Last year, students who completed the course achieved an average score of 3.3 with a pass rate of 64% on the AP exam, beating the national average of 3.09 Edhesive has made it possible for more than 600 schools in over forty-five states and eleven countries to offer computer science with success and impactful results. To learn more, visit edhesive.com

FuelEducation offers over 140 classes for grades 6-12 including core curriculum, Advanced Placement, foundations, and credit recovery courses. Offerings for students in grades K-5 include core subjects, arts, and world languages. Highly qualified instructional staff, an extensive catalog of online courses and flexible delivery options combine to meet the needs of all elementary school, middle school, and high school students. From at-risk students struggling in the traditional classroom to high-achieving students seeking more challenging courses their schools cannot provide, FuelEducation can help.

FuelEducation is accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools (NAAS), Distance Education and Training Council (DETC), and AdvanceED.

Middlebury College—famous for its nearly 100-year tradition of excellence in world language education now offers Middlebury Interactive Languages online through VISnet. The Middlebury Language programs provide all the tools for extraordinary success at each skill level, including the ultimate level of achievement – language fluency. The depth and breadth of the Middlebury curriculum is unmatched.  Elementary students experience EXPOSURE to language and world culture.  Middle and High School students develop COMPETENCY in a language, and progress to courses which focus on the achievement of FLUENCY, critical to college and career readiness.

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The Virtual High School (VHS, Inc.) is a non-profit organization, committed to fulfilling learning objectives for schools and their students. We offer a variety of courses in a flexible, online format. This allows you to enhance your curriculum, increase your course offerings and prepare your students for college and beyond.

VHS offers over 200 accredited online courses taught by certified, VHS trained, and experienced teachers, including:

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