The WHY.os is Fast - Insightful - Fun - Actionable

The WHY.os algorithm is a unique and engaging Discovery tool designed to help you understand WHY you do what you do. When used with a team, the WHY.os Discovery process allows you to partner individual insight with collective synergy to transform your team’s communication and collaboration.

During this personalized workshop, each member of your team will take their own WHY.os Discovery and then together you work to understand each person’s motivations and strengths. Organizations find this training helpful for team building, leadership development, and navigating through periods of transition and innovation.

Results of the Discovery are received immediately and support is given to help each team member learn how to harness their unique Zone of Genius - to work together in new and exciting ways. Strong emphasis is placed on collective brainstorming and walking away from the workshop with a plan on how to implement these insights immediately.

The Resilience Initiative works with each organization to personalize the experience. Training is facilitated in a half-day workshop designed to propel your team to a higher level of performance. 
To learn more, please contact Watson Jordan at [email protected].