TOOLBOX SESSION II - 1:55pm-2:15pm

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Title/Presenters Audience Content Room

20 TOOLS IN 20 MINUTES: Construction Tools to Raise Our Game!

Eric Rowles, Leading to Change

MS    MS 11

A Mindful Balance: Reducing Teacher and Student Anxiety and Stress through Mindful Practices

Adrienne Johnson, Providence Day School

BC  W  MS 3

A Simple Tool to Help You PrioritizeYour To-Do List

Penny Rogers, ISM

BC    MS 14

Bringing the World to Your Students... and Introducing Your Students to the World!

Kate Hughey, Charlotte Latin School

LS  LS 23

Building Parent Engagement

Scott Barron and Tammy Barron, School Growth LLC

L    US 24

BuildingYour Digital Community through Parent-Student Conversations

Gilliam Goodman, Laura Hines, Amanda McLaughlin, and Dana Smith, Greensboro Day School

BC    MS 1

Coaching Employees forSuccess: Balancing Accountability and Autonomy

Michelle Bostian, Greensboro Day School

L    US 25

Differentiating and Flipping: Enhancing Learning with Technology

Tameka Woodard, Charlotte Country Day School

MS    MS 18

Fast and Formative: Using Quick Assessment for Real-Time Feedback

Julie Bartlett, Charlotte Christian School

MS   MS 19 

Find the Keys to Student Engagement with Digital Breakouts

Lisa Emmeric, Summit School

MS H  MS 9

Growing Readers, Not Test Takers

Amie Berryhill, Palisades Episcopal School

LS   LS 20

Haptic Learning Experiences, Technologies, and Smart Letters for Early Reading Success

Kelly Bratcher, Square Panda

EC    LS 11

Instructional Strategies

Bob Ryshke, Westminster Schools

LS MS US   MS 13 

It's High School, Why Aren't They Organized? Implementing Executive Functioning Skills into Your MS/HS Classroom

Justin Keever, Thales Academy

US    US 21

Live Fat or Die Thin: Your Role in Preventing and Addressing Disordered Eating in Students

Melissa Freestone, RD, SAGE Dining Services

 BC  W  MS 6

Managing Food Allergies in the Classroom

Cheryl Blake, Retired School Nurse

LS  W  LS 22

Middle School Literature Can Be So Dramatic!

Debby Noyes and Mary Keever, Westchester Country Day School

 MS  MS 16

Mock Trial: Differentiating the Student Experience

Trish McRae and Dack Stackhouse, Summit School

MS   H  MS 4

 Moving with Music in Early Childhood

Jill Hare, Greensboro Day School

EC    LS 19

NaNoWriMo: Life Lessons in the Middle Grades through Creative Writing

Katie Eller andJohanna Steis, Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill

MS   MS 12

Personalized Learning in the Library

Melissa Fulton, Westchester Country Day School

LS    LS 2

Project to Set the Stage in World History of Civics

Bob Schorr, Noble Academy

US  US 22

Quickstart on a New Fundraising Trend: Giving Circles

Rachel Wolf, B'nai shalom Day School

BC    MS 2

STEM with VEX IQ Robotics

Terry Andrews, Westchester Country Day School

MS S  MS 10

Teaching Improvisation - Middle School and Upper School Band, Chorus, Orchestra, or General Music

Randy Mintz, Greensboro Day Day School

MS    McMillion 1

The Power of the Alexander Technique

Ruthie Tutterow, Greensboro Day School

US  US 23

Understanding Your Core Motives So You Can Better Connect with Students and Peers

Bill Simpson, Coastal Christian High School

L  US 11

Web Tools for Teaching Writing and Literature

Margee Husemann, Carolina Day School

US  US 6

When They Lead, Will We Follow?

Ginnie Pitler and Lori Stepp, Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill

MS US S  MS 15

Writing Essays with Elementary Students

Julia Ambersley, The O'Neal School

 LS  H  LS 6



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