A core commitment of NCAIS is to offer relevant and intentional professional development opportunities to NCAIS constituents. We have a variety of single-day workshops and multi-day conferences, listed below. In addition, we have ongoing professional development opportunities, including The Bottom Line, Cultivating Communities of Belonging, and our monthly and quarterly cohort virtual meetings, which can be found here:

Ongoing Professional Development Opportunities

Because of the strong support of our sponsors and exhibitors, we are able to offer affordable professional development opportunities to our schools. We encourage you to review our Sponsor Directory and support those organizations as they have supported our community. For those representing organizations with services and products that would benefit our schools, we encourage you to visit the link below: 

Sponsor and Exhibitor Opportunities

If you are having difficulty registering for a conference or finding your invoice, please reach out to Rebecca Slay in the NCAIS office. She can be reached at 704-461-1812 or [email protected] 

NCAIS COVID Event Policy 
NCAIS strongly encourages independent school personnel to be vaccinated unless your physician advises against it due to a serious medical issue.  At NCAIS in-person events, we will enforce masking for all attendees, regardless of vaccine status.  NCAIS will confirm any additional venue restrictions and registrants will receive final protocol as a part of pre-event communications. This policy will be in effect until further notice. NCAIS will continue to monitor metrics and guidance by NCDHHS and the CDC and make adjustments as needed.   If conditions warrant, NCAIS in-person events may shift to a hybrid or fully virtual model.  No full or partial refunds will be issued provided sessions and content remain consistent.

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2021-2022 Professional Development

Canceled | January 28, 2022 | Diversity & Inclusion Conference
Due to the high number of COVID cases statewide, this event has been canceled.  It will be on the calendar for 2022-2023.

February 18, 2022 Early Childhood Conference | Gaston Day School 
Readiness: it is a word we throw around a lot when talking to parents of young children. But what is readiness and how do we know when it happens? And more importantly, how do we articulate it to the nervous parents of our littlest friends?
Readiness isn’t about knowing their ABCs or how to count as much as being emotionally, physically, and cognitively equipped for school. Join us for an engaging conversation with a variety of early childhood experts, including a pediatric psychologist, occupational therapist, child development specialist and a cadre of educators as we explore the latest brain research, best practices, and ah-ha moments.  

February 24, 2022Christian School Similarity Training | Wesleyan Christian Academy 
Talking about race in today’s context is hard but necessary and Christian schools face unique challenges in this arena. NCAIS and Christian School Management have partnered to offer a day-long scripturally based Similarity Training based on the work of Third Option City and Miles McPhearson. This training offers an alternative to the "Us vs. Them" culture. We encourage NCAIS Christian schools to participate in this event that will equip your school with the tools to develop racial unity by nurturing loving relationships. For heads, diversity directors, academic leaders and other members of school leadership teams.

March 4, 2022School Safety Summit | Zoom
Right-sizing Your Umbrella
School safety is the number one priority for schools of all shapes, sizes, and structure.  It's enormity and growing pain points, however, make us uneasy and left feeling like we never do enough.  Join NCAIS for a comprehensive look at all of the facets of school life that fall under the Safety Umbrella. Share strategies and best practices with colleagues, and prepare your school for both sunshine and rain.

March 10-11, 2022 Business Office Conference | Cary Academy
Make the World Stop...I Want to Get Off!!
Whew, what a rollercoaster of a ride we've been on.  So much has changed since March 2020... business offices have been bombarded with COVID logistics, mitigation, CARES Act and other Federal programs, new legal questions, the need for additional policies, and new risk management strategies...for starters.  The good news is that our schools have survived and thrived, due in a large part to the tireless efforts, resourcefulness, and stability of school business offices.  YOU have been the unsung heroes of the last 2 years! 
As we dare to begin to think of post-pandemic life, how do we assess the impact that this once-in-a-lifetime crisis has had on us and our schools?   What prior strategies and ways of doing things will resume? What COVID measures will remain? And what unintended consequences and outcomes may forever change the way we do business?   Join fellow business office professionals from NCAIS schools across the state as we reconnect, revamp, renew, and rethink in person March 10-11 at Cary Academy.

March 29, 2022 Advancement Conference | Cannon School 

Please join us as we “reunite” in person after a long two years in a virtual format. We will have time for networking, learning, and sharing ideas. Join fellow mission-driven independent school advancement, admissions, and development colleagues. Registration is open! We look forward to seeing you in March!

March 2022 | Neurodiversity Conference | Zoom 

April 7-8 Women in Leadership Conference | Saint Mary's School, Raleigh 
Embracing the Gifts of Imperfection
In the spirit of Brené Brown’s breakthrough book, The Gifts of Imperfection, we invite NCAIS women of all ages and roles to join us for the 2022 Women in Leadership Conference for a deep dive into finding and embracing our authentic selves. We’ll experiment with what it feels like to let go of perfectionism and explore wholeheartedness. We’ll learn from and support one another.  We’ll be brave and courageous.  We’ll laugh, play, and maybe even shed a tear or two as we let go of who we think we should be and open ourselves up to the wonderfully imperfect women we are. Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to come together with women from across the NCAIS spectrum for a reconnecting and refocusing journey that will reinvent the way you look at yourself

June 20-22, 2022 | Summer Heads Retreat | Wild Dunes Resort, Isle of Palms, SC

NCAIS Board Approved Cancellation Policy:
All attendees receive a full refund if they cancel at least two weeks before an in-person event, and a 50% refund if they cancel one week before the event; no refunds thereafter. All refunds are subject to a 15% administrative fee. No refunds for virtual events that are recorded for later viewing. 
Financial Assistance:  NCAIS has a modest amount of financial assistance available. Please do not hesitate to ask if that would be helpful.