NCAIS Racial Equity Course launches this month!  

NCAIS, in collaboration with Carney Sandoe & Associates and with the support of a generous E.E. Ford grant, has developed an online, asynchronous course for independent schools entitled "The Bottom Line: Cultivating Communities of Belonging.  This course begins with a 6-session readiness module for heads, trustees, and senior leadership that will help schools determine readiness through the lens of mission.  Led by the Carney Sandoe Equity and Inclusion team of consultants, these sessions are pragmatic including real world examples and operational strategies.  NCAIS strongly recommends this first module as a next step for ALL NCAIS schools wishing to begin or continue work in this space.  Thanks to Lawrence Alexander and the Carney team for sharing their experience and expertise!  CLICK HERE for more information or to register.

Modules 2, 3, and 4, target various constituents in the independent school community - faculty, diversity practitioners, and school leadership.  These modules include more than 40 professional presenters from across the race and equity spectrum including educators, practitioners, consultants, and student activists. Thanks to Keith Henderlie for working with the NCAIS team to design these modules that will inform, engage, and transform understanding, conversations, and action in our schools.  Modules 2-4 will launch in August. CLICK HERE for more information or to register.

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 A 2-part series: August 7 & September 15

A 21 day virtual program beginning September 8


A year long program with workshops on October 9, January 8, & March 5


The 2021-2022 NCAIS professional development calendar offers a blend of virtual events, in-person events, and asynchronous/recorded opportunities.  Please visit our full schedule of Professional Development opportunities.


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