For the first time ever, the annual NCAIS Educators Conference is going to focus exclusively on Middle School education!  Being “in the middle” whether in a family unit or in a school setting, can be confusing and challenging but also presents unique opportunities. Middle school educators know the joys of spending time with students as they transition from children to adolescents; you also shepherd these students through the struggles of changing bodies, developing brains, shifting friend groups, and increased exposure to online experiences. Middle school can be a launchpad for student independence, exploration, and growth or a painful and scarring black hole that takes years to crawl out of.  Middle school educators are pivotal, and at their best, transformational figures in the lives of students during these vulnerable years.  We invite you to join with middle school colleagues from across NCAIS as we explore “Middle” ground.  Keynote speakers Phyllis Fagell (Middle School Matters) and Michelle Icard (Middle School Makeover and Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen) will bookend the day, with dozens of breakout session options filling the day. 


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