January 11-14, 2022 | Agenda

Tuesday, January 11, 2022
6:00pm        NCAIS Board Meeting | Dogwood Room

Wednesday, January 12, 2022
1:00pm        Framing the Future Together | Grand Ballroom
We will explore how the head of school-board partnership has evolved during the pandemic, and how heads and trustees can strengthen their relationship through the lens of organizational sustainability. 

4:00pm        Break | Check-in to Lodging

5:45pm        Reception | Cardinal Ballroom | Sponsored by Sage Dining Services 

6:30pm        Dinner | Grand Ballroom | Sponsored by TIAA               
                     Overview of NCAIS Legislative Agenda and Q&A
                     NCAIS Lobbyists - Dave Horne and Josh Grant, Smith Anderson

Thursday, January 13, 2022
7:00am        Breakfast | Conference Center Hallway | Sponsored by Edifice 

7:30am        Registration | Conference Center Foyer

8:00am        President’s Welcome | Grand Ballroom

8:30am        Framing the Future Together | Mission & Data, LLC | Sponsored by Paymerang
How can leaders build the capacity for change while staying true to their school’s mission? What does financial sustainability and optimizing resource deployment look like post-COVID? In addition, we will tackle the question on everyone’s mind: How can school leaders and trustees navigate landmines such as political polarization? We will explore “community tensions and impossible questions” and provide participants with practical tools to build shared understanding with stakeholders around the critical issues facing our schools.

9:45am         Break | Conference Center Hallway | Sponsored by FACTS

10:00am       Seeding and Embedding Lasting Change

12:30pm       Heads Lunch & Business Meeting | South Room | Sponsored by Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, Inc.

                     Trustees and CFOs Lunch | Carolina Dining Room | Sponsored by Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, Inc.

1:30pm         Breakout Sessions | Select 1
Transitioning From Tactical to Strategic | Jill Goodman & David Lunken | Calloway Room
We learned many valuable lessons in the virtual world that the pandemic created. It is tempting to toss out most of those pandemic “workarounds” and return to only in-person meetings, believing that virtual meetings are flat or two-dimensional, lacking true engagement and participation. But that would be a mistake.

In this session, participants will learn the principles to facilitate great meetings and how to create a three-dimensional, immersive experience for meeting attendees. By leveraging and converging excellent design, online platforms and tools, and your team of brilliant trustees and administrators, virtual meetings can and should be part of your school's future. Your board has been operating in tactical mode for 18 months, and it may be challenging to move the board and administration to the strategic and generative modes that your school requires for its long-term success and viability. Let us show you the way.

What Every Leader Should Know about Enrollment Management | Heather Hoerle | Ross/Tufts Room
The challenge of achieving sustainable enrollment in the current climate of private schools places a tremendous expectation on enrollment leaders to understand key elements of school finance, marketing, and leadership while influencing the factors related to differentiating their schools from the competition in the landscape and appealing to the motivations of changed consumer habits. The Enrollment Management Association works to provide timely research into these motivations and factors for enrollment success. Drawing from this body of research, EMA's Executive Director, Heather Hoerle frames the conversation around these elements, and provides insights into the nature of the work at hand.

Top 10 Things Every Head, Board, and CFO Should Know About Employment Law | Attorney Jon Yarbrough | Olmsted Room
As the pendulum swings politically and the cloud of HR-related COVID questions continues to hover, schools struggle to sift through the layers of complexity and unclear guidance. Just where should school leaders focus efforts and how can they minimize risks? Join Jon Yarbrough, Partner at Constangy Brooks, Smith, and Prophete for a fast-paced and engaging countdown of the top ten things school leaders should know about employment law in these uncertain and ever-changing times.

2:45 pm         Break | Sponsored by Truist

3:00pm          Not-for-Profit Legal Update and What Does It Mean to Serve on a BoardTony Smith/David Heinen | Grand Ballroom

This session will review recent trends and legal changes in board governance, state law trends and changes affecting fundraising. Additionally, the session will cover legal requirements and expectations of not-for-profit board members.

4:15pm         Heads: Break
                     Trustees and CFO/Business Officers: Adjourn

4:30pm         Wine & Wisdoms: Female Heads of School | Villa Parlor
                     Fireside Chat for Christian School Heads | 1901 Suite
                     Pinehurst Cradle Short Course | 9 Holes, Par 3 (Make own Reservations)

6:00pm         Heads’ Social | Donald Ross Room | Sponsored by Selective Insurance & UNUM

7:00pm         Dinner | Donald Ross Room | Sponsored by Compass Financial Partners

After- Dinner After Hours Social | Sponsored by Lexington Independents

Friday, January 14, 2022

6:30am         Breakfast | Carolina Dining Room

8:00am         Framing the Future Together | Mission & Data, LLC | Ross/Tufts Room

Day 3 is just for our heads of school, giving us the time and space to reflect on what resilience means for effective leadership. During this session, we will explore elements of self-care, as well as how to set boundaries with trustees, parents, and other school stakeholders. We will end our time together with a group discussion on what heads of schools need from their trustees and from membership organizations like NCAIS to support leadership sustainability.

 8:30am         Resiliency & Self-Care | Mission & Data, LLC | Ross/Tufts Room

 9:30am         Break | Sponsored by First Tryon

10:00am        Practical Boundary-Setting | Mission & Data, LLC | Ross/Tufts Room

10:45am        Leadership Sustainability | Mission & Data, LLC | Ross/Tufts Room

12:00pm        Adjourn