Navigating Priorities and Thriving under Pressure 
A year-long cohort with three in-person dates:

October 22, January 21, and March 11 | Greensboro

The Resilient Leadership Institute will facilitate the discovery of your natural strengths and opportunities, creating a clear path for navigating priorities with resilience as you lead through these times. Selected leaders will participate in a school-year-long experience that includes research-based best practices in leadership development as well as individual work with an executive coach, enabling leaders to navigate barriers and achieve meaningful success, all with a cohort of other leaders on the same journey. This intensive course is designed for those looking for the next step in their careers as well as those looking to develop skills. 

Over the course of the year, participants will:
  • Complete a research-based personality tool.
  • Attend three full-day in-person workshops with Michelle Bostian, Bostian Coaching and Consulting. Michelle is an international and board-certified coach, certified confidence coach, and change management professional. Workshops will be held on Saturdays to minimize time away from campus 
  • Engage in two hour-long coaching sessions.
  • Select and attend an additional NCAIS leadership opportunity during the school year (Heads and Trustees, Women in Leadership, or Academic Leadership).

Target Audience: Current and Future School Leadership
Cost: $795 (limited to a cohort of 20)


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