Personality and Behavioral Assessments

NCAIS Assessments provide valuable information about work styles, personality characteristics, core values, motivators, and leadership styles.  They can serve as useful tools in screening candidates, onboarding new hires, coaching, team-building, leadership development, and student development. Likewise, assessments give members of your school community an opportunity to learn something about themselves with the goals of self-improvement, personality enrichment and enhancement of their school community relationships.

These types of assessments have no right or wrong answers allowing faculty, staff, job candidates, and students to participate freely without fear of failure.  They are designed in part to increase awareness of one’s behavioral tendencies related to how one interacts with others. Results of these assessments actually increase the likelihood for professional growth, satisfaction, and success, which ultimately benefits the school as well.

NCAIS assessments come with support materials and action plans to help individuals and schools maximize positive outcomes.

Currently, NCAIS offers the assessments listed below. 

  • DISC (Reports can be targeted towards Leadership, Coaching, or Career Development.  Team reports are also available.)
  • Motivators
  • Social Styles
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Learning Styles


  • DISC + Motivators
  • DISC + Learning Styles

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (Integrates DISC, Motivators, and Hartman Value Profile)

Sample Reports:

Account Information:

Here is a link to current pricing.  To set up an account for your school, please contact [email protected].  For more information, please contact Linda Nelson at [email protected] or 704-461-1812.  Limited complimentary assessments are available for schools considering implementing an assessment program