Take advantage of fuel savings with Mansfield

NCAIS has partnered with Mansfield Energy to bring your school savings on fuel. As a non-profit education organization, your school may be eligible for significant savings on every gallon of fuel purchased.  Mansfield Energy has developed a fuel program designed specifically to help non-profit schools save on fuel. Schools across the country are working with us to save up to 20¢ per gallon every time they fuel.

The Benefits:

  • Up to 20¢ saving per gallon
  • Acceptance at over 90% of U.S. fuel stations
  • Control and clarity around fuel purchases
  • Fraud & purchasing protection
  • A dedicated support team to ensure your fuel program succeeds

To take advantage of these savings, contact Mike Schonwetter, Education Program Specialist at 678-207-2536. Click here to learn more about the Private School Savings Program.