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The Bottom Line: Cultivating Communities of Belonging
A three-part series for school stakeholders on building understanding and action around racial equity in independent schools. Click here to learn more.

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Being “in the middle” whether in a family unit or in a school setting, can be confusing and challenging but also presents unique opportunities. Middle school educators know the joys of spending time with students as they transition from children to adolescents; you also shepherd these students through the struggles of changing bodies, developing brains, shifting friend groups, and increased exposure to online experiences.

Keynotes from Phyllis Fagell, author of Middle School Matters and Michelle Icard, author of Middle School Makeover and Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen are included with more than 20 blocks of additional presentations recorded for this event.  

Emotional Equity: Empowering All Students to Honor & Learn from Their Feelings 

“Cheer up.” “Chill out.” “Calm down.” Our language is full of expressions that tell us we should control or change how we feel. Even when we say “it’s OK to be sad” or “you have every right to be angry,” we imply that these emotions are allowed but not ideal. No surprise, then, that some SEL programs focus on managing or coping with certain emotions. Meanwhile, those with marginalized identifiers are often the ones most quickly and frequently told to manage their emotions so that those with power can stay comfortable. 

Emotional equity is when all members of a group are empowered to notice, name, honor, and learn from their feelings. This highly participatory workshop series will provide tools and strategies, rooted in evidence-based psychological science, to help educators respond to emotions in values-based ways. The first session is about empowering all students, the second centers on those who need more support because of internal factors, and the third centers on those who need more support because of external factors.
College Counselors' Workshop 

We invite you to watch the 2021 NCAIS College Counselors Workshop focusing on the college counseling landscape - trends, post-pandemic changes, and the evolving role of college counselors. We welcomed Dr. Bethany Meighan, Vice President for Student Affairs with the UNC System who updated us on the Board of Governors and other issues that are being discussed by UNC System leaders. In addition, we were excited to be joined by Emmi Harward, Executive Director of the Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools (ACCIS) as our opening speaker. The session includes a panel discussion with College Admissions experts.

NCAIS Athletic Coach Certification

It has been said that athletics are the “front door” to our schools.  Oftentimes, community members’, prospective families’ and our own parents' and students’ first impressions of our schools are based on an interaction with a coach. Coaches are, indeed,  frontline ambassadors for our schools! While experienced in their sport, however, many coaches have little experience working in an independent school setting.  It’s our responsibility to set them up for success just like we expect them to prepare our students for success!  

The NCAIS Athletic Coach certification enables coaches to understand independent school communities and equips them to operate through the lens of the school’s mission when engaging with parents, athletes, and the community at large. This seven-module asynchronous series will give coaches the tools they need to understand your independent school community and to thrive in pursuit of a winning record both on and off the field. Registration opens soon

Cohort Meetings for NCAIS Members:
Join your colleagues across the state at virtual cohort meetings to share ideas, resources, and community.  Most cohorts are meeting bi-monthly via Zoom.  NCAIS members can access links for each meeting on the Event Calendar after logging in above.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  We look forward to seeing you!

Dates Time Cohort
Oct 4 Dec 6 Feb 7 Apr 4 2:00pm Ed Tech & IT
Sep 14 

Oct 5 

Nov 2 Feb 1 Apr 5 4:00pm Nurses
Sep 1 Nov 3 Jan 5 Mar 2 2:00pm Admin of Color
Sep 2 Nov 4 Jan 6 Mar 3 2:00pm Division Directors
Sep 9 Nov 11 Jan 20 Mar 10 1:00pm Assistant Heads of School
2nd Tuesday of the month 2:00pm Heads of School
2nd Wednesday of the month 2:00pm CFO/Business Officers
Sept 9 Nov 11 Jan 13 Mar 10 2:00pm Admissions & Marketing
Sep 13 Nov 8 Jan 10 Mar 14 2:00pm Diversity Practitioners
Sept 21 Nov 16 Jan 18 Mar 15 2:00pm After School 
3rd Wednesday of the month 1:00pm Advancement
Oct 21 Dec 16 Feb 17 Apr 21 3:00pm College Counselors


Take a look at the online communities open to faculty and staff at NCAIS member schools to communicate with colleagues across the association.  Some communities are specific to particular roles, others are open to those with particular interests.  You can ask questions, share ideas, send documents, and subscribe to the topics that interest you the most.