During this difficult and unprecedented time, the NCAIS team's primary focus is to support member schools with resources, guidance, and the collective wisdom of our community.  We want to help schools respond to the challenges that may be ahead with clarity, caution, and a sense of balance. 

2019-2020 Conferences | Virtual Meetings | Webinars

Cohort Group Weekly Virtual Meetings  

NCAIS members are invited to participate in virtual cohort meetings offered weekly to share ideas, resources, and community. The meetings will last an hour and will be delivered via Zoom.  Here is the current schedule for NCAIS members with links to each meeting.  You must be logged in above to access the links.

A package of resources and webinars for independent schools  
Presented by Attorney Lisa Gordon Stella

This comprehensive toolkit and webinar series is designed to assist independent schools that receive federal funds, such as funds through the PPP loan program, to comply with certain federal laws required as a condition of such funding:  Title IX, Title VI, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.  The recording for Webinar 1 is available and Webinar 2 will be scheduled for later this summer.

Virtual Summer Heads Conference | June 22 
*More Information Coming Soon*

Facilitated by Scott and Tammy Barron
Open to All | Target audience: admissions professionals, administrators, and any school personnel invested in school enrollment
NCAIS Member price $120/school | Guest price $170/school

An Enrollment Growth Plan defines the strategies, schedule, and commitments for achieving the core revenue goals of the school. It is the foundation on which all other school plans depend. School leaders around the world are trying to figure out how to respond to the threats and opportunities that are emerging from the new realities.

This three-hour workshop provides hands-on training that will guide you through how to create an Enrollment Growth Plan that is specific to your school’s Strategic Context and adaptive to the changing conditions of today. A well-designed plan will help you:
  • Build Confidence & Trust with the Board and Leadership
  • Improve Organizational Health and Leadership Capacity
  • Accelerate Continuous Improvement
Reimagining School: Transitioning from Emergency to Planned Distance Learning | Opens June 15
A self-paced 20-hour course for educators from early childhood through high school. While most of the course is asynchronous, there will be opportunities for synchronous learning. CEU certificates will be awarded to those who complete the course.
Where: Canvas, YouTube, and Zoom

Cost: $195 per teacher for NCAIS member schools, $245 for guests.  Please contact Stephanie Keaney if you would like information on group pricing.

Each cohort will take a deep dive into topics such as:

Classroom management, including routines, schedules, and expectations
Instructional best practices
Modified grading and assessment
Online resources/digital content
Techniques & tools for content delivery
Curriculum modification
Balancing synchronous and asynchronous instruction
Building community
Developing student and parent relationships
Tools for student creation, collaboration, and choice
Strategies to improve student engagement

Cohorts: Early Childhood Educators
Kindergarten - Second Grade Educators
Third - Fifth Grade Educators
Sixth - Eighth Grade Educators
Ninth - Twelfth Grade Educators
*Sub-cohorts will also be developed within the larger groups for collaboration and idea exchanges

Facilitators and guest speakers include A.J. Juliani, Cheryl Chase, Sarah Sprinkel, Connie White, Sarah Ward, Tim Leet, Rick Wormeli, and Ross Cooper, as well as NCAIS educators from across the state who will speak to their journeys this spring and lessons learned for the future.

NCAIS Book Club | Summer 2020 and 2020-2021 School Year
You are invited to join us for the inaugural NCAIS book club! 
We will kick off with the summer book  Educated by Tara Westover, followed by the 2020-2021 school year selections: Teaching When the World is on Fire by Lisa Delpit, Quiet by Susan Cain, Man, Interrupted by Philip Zimbardo, and Blindspot by Mahzarin Banaji. Each book will have a zoom discussion date and time.  While literature on its own offers solace and distraction, it can also become the backbone of the community. We hope that you will connect with your colleagues from NCAIS schools across North Carolina as we read and discuss these thought-provoking books. 

Teaching Students How to Work in Teams (and Doing it Online) | July 29, 9am - 3pm
A virtual workshop
Facilitated by District C
Target Audience: Middle and Upper School Educators and Administrators

Work is changing in two critical ways: 

  1. A Brookings Institution report estimates that over 60% of current U.S. jobs will face high- or mid-level exposure to automation by 2030. Our call to action is clear. We need to prepare our students for the work that computers can’t do: leverage diverse teams to solve novel and complex problems. This is the human job description of the future.

  2. Companies across the world are increasingly adopting virtual workplaces (even more now in the era of coronavirus). Employees must be well-versed in using digital collaboration tools to optimize team performance. It’s our job to prepare them

But coaching students to be better collective problem solvers, and doing it online, is hard. It requires a different approach, one that emphasizes messy experiences over structured assignments and collective processes over individual achievement. 

After hundreds of hours working directly with small teams of students in an online setting, District C has developed a coaching philosophy that empowers students to own their learning experience while developing the mindsets and tools of collective problem-solving. Join us to learn more.  

2021-2022 Professional Development

2021 Annual Educators Conference  October 15, 2021 | High Point University | High Point

NCAIS Board Approved Cancellation Policy:

All attendees receive a full refund if they cancel at least two weeks before the event, and a 50% refund if they cancel one week before the event; no refunds thereafter. All refunds are subject to a 15% administrative fee (rounded up to the nearest dollar). 

Financial Assistance:

NCAIS has a modest amount of financial assistance available. Please do not hesitate to ask if that would be helpful.