A Professional Development Series

for Independent School Stakeholders

The series is comprised of two distinct opportunities: The Bottom Line and Cultivating Communities of Belonging.  The content is a rich tapestry of over 40 voices, ranging from thought leaders to independent school and higher ed educators to diversity consultants. Each program can stand alone or can be paired together for a more robust experience. Read below for more information on the programs. Questions? Please reach out to Stephanie Keaney on the NCAIS team.

The Case for This Work

The Bottom Line: An Operational Case for Racial Equity 

The Bottom Line is designed to help school leaders understand the role that institutional culture and decision-making play in racial equity and begin to view this work through the lens of the school mission. This course will enable leaders to engage in conversation, assess their school culture, and determine community climate.

After completing the modules, leaders will have access to the School Readiness Audit that will guide them through a series of questions and key factors to consider in planning next steps. This program aims to create a more equitable and inclusive community that embraces the nuances and varied experiences of those from diverse backgrounds.

Target Audience: Leadership Teams comprised of the Head of School, at least one Trustee, Diversity Director (if applicable), and 2-3 other key decision-makers. 
Cost: $795/team

Time Commitment: 7-10 hours
Format: 6 modules of asynchronous, pre-recorded contentThe content is the same for each period. Access to the materials will only be active during the program block selected.
Dates: Upon registration, Leadership Teams may select one of the 4-week program blocks being offered on the following dates:

August 16 - September 10 September 13 - October 8 October 11 - November 5
November 8 - December 3 January 3 - January 28 January 31 - February 18
February 21 - March 11 April 25 - May 13 May 16 - June 3

Registration for each block closes the day prior to its start date


Cultivating Communities of Belonging

Designed to foster understanding and a sense of belonging for all community members, this course is for school communities to experience together on their journey towards racially equitable schools. 

Target Audience: All school personnel; Trustees, Administration, Faculty, and Staff
Cost: $195/person

Time Commitment: 20 hours
Format: Asynchronous, pre-recorded content with discussion boards and 2 live Zoom opportunities to connect and debrief. Access to the materials will only be active during the program block selected.
Tracks: Participants select a track based on their professional background. 
     Senior Leadership (trustees, administrators, Heads of School)
     Diversity Practitioners
     Faculty & Staff
Dates: Individuals or school cohorts can select from the following program blocks. The content is the same for each period.
     September 20 - December 13

     January 3 - March 28
     March 1 - May 17 
     June 6 - August 1 (Note: this session is 8 weeks in length)
     Registration for each block closes the day prior to its start date