March 8, 2019 | High Point Friends School 

The need for marijuana prevention is more urgent now than ever. As more states legalize marijuana for personal and medicinal use, our schools are seeing a sharp rise in use. Many students not only think marijuana is a low-risk drug but also that it's harmless. In fact, the divide between the scientific research about the dangers of marijuana use and the U.S. population's misunderstanding has never been greater. Most students now use marijuana more than tobacco, because they think that it's safer. And, in recent years, teens and young adults have used marijuana more frequently than alcohol and all illicit drugs combined. Research shows that, when students use marijuana regularly, they are much more likely to struggle academically, experience mental health problems and thoughts of suicide, become addicted to marijuana or other drugs such as opiates, and drop out of athletic or leadership roles.

Several breakout sessions throughout the day, in addition to the keynote, will address the current culture of marijuana use among young people, share research and insights regarding the impact of marijuana use on the developing body and brain, and provide an overview of best practices for screening, intervention, and prevention strategies for use on campus. Participants will engage cutting-edge research and material to develop the tools necessary to protect their student body from the risks of frequent marijuana use - so that all of our students can reach their fullest leadership potential.

Target Audience: School nurses and school counselors
Cost: NCAIS Members: $150/person or $135/person in groups of 3+ | Non-NCAIS Member Schools: $200/person
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