Volume 3, Issue 3 - November 2023


  • From Coach Michelle Bostian - Empowering Educators: The Transformative Impact of Executive Coaching

  • Upcoming Events - 
    • November 13: Academic Leadership Conference at Charlotte Latin School
    • December 1: Essential Coaching Skills for Senior Leaders in Winston-Salem
    • December 7: Young Adult Literature Symposium via Zoom
    • December 8: College Counselors Conference at Duke University

  • Connect with Colleagues - Monthly Cohort Meetings (virtual)

  • Links of Interest - 
    • College Funding Coach: Little Known Secrets of Paying for College
    • 8th Annual Salary Survey for Technology Professionals in Schools by ATLIS & Ed Tech Recruiting

  • Sponsor Spotlight - Southern Teachers Agency and The Budd Group

Empowering Educators:
The Transformative Impact of Executive Coaching

In the world of independent education, where individual expertise meets collective goals, the power of effective leadership and collaborative teamwork cannot be overstated. This is where group coaching emerges as a game-changer. Tailored specifically for independent educators, executive coaching is not just a professional development tool; it’s a transformative experience that sharpens teaching skills, fosters collaboration, and creates a culture of continuous growth.

Executive coaching offers personalized guidance, helping educators enhance their teaching methods, communication skills, and decision-making abilities. More importantly, it nurtures a collaborative ethos within educational teams. Through specialized coaching sessions, educators learn to appreciate each other's strengths, communicate openly, and collectively navigate challenges. This collaborative spirit isn’t just conducive to a positive work environment; it translates directly into enriched learning experiences for students.

By investing in executive coaching, independent schools invest in their own development and, consequently, the quality of education they provide. It’s not just a tool for professional growth; it’s a pathway toward empowering educators to inspire, innovate, and create lasting impacts in the lives of their students. Embracing executive coaching isn’t just about honing skills; it’s about cultivating a community of educators who are passionate, collaborative, and dedicated to shaping the future—one student at a time.  Join me in this space each month, as I share a column dedicated to the power of leadership development, feedback skills, team effectiveness and performance accountability. 

Michelle Bostian

Upcoming Events

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events. For more information, simply click on each of the images below. For a full list of PD offerings, click here, as we continually update our website with event information.


Connect with Colleagues: Monthly Cohort Meetings

The groups listed below meet monthly via Zoom to discuss challenges, share ideas and resources, and more. To see the full schedule of dates and times, click the image below.

Links of Interest

Free Webinar from
The College Funding Coach

Simply click on the image below for additional information and registration.

8th Annual Salary Survey for 
Technology Professionals in Schools

Please consider sharing this data collection effort with your IT staff. The salary survey (ie, data collection) is a combined effort between ATLIS and Ed Tech Recruiting, but the resulting Compensation Report is an ATLIS resource that we make available to all who contribute. 

Why does it matter? Because tech teams at independent schools are often among the most diverse. For schools tracking DEI efforts and hiring initiatives, we're seeing that tech teams are often outpacing faculty and other staff departments on the diversity front. We are constantly aiming for robust participation so we can continue to draw conclusions about the most marginalized groups working in independent schools. 

Many thanks in advance from the teams ATLIS and Ed Tech Recruiting.

Sponsor Spotlight 

Many thanks to
Southern Teachers Agency, a Leadership Circle Sponsor,
and The Budd Group, a Gold Sponsor,
for their longstanding support of NCAIS.

Founded in 1902, 
Southern Teachers is the oldest educational recruitment agency in America.  Southern Teachers is also proud to be the longest-running sponsor of NCAIS.  We help schools with teacher recruitment, administrative placement, and head-of-school search services.  In 2020, we’ve also launched a line of consulting services, the first of which is our School Operations Assessment.  Rod Chamberlain, formerly the Associate Head of School at Charlotte Latin and currently our Director of Consulting Services, will soon begin offering executive coaching services.  And in 2021, we added an Athletic Department Assessment.  You may learn more about the ST Search & Consulting Team here.  Your NC Agent here at Southern Teachers is Colin Manning, but Carey Goodman is always happy to chat, as well.

With more than 4,000 dedicated employees, eight regional centers, numerous satellite offices and site-based locations, The Budd Group delivers facility solutions to customers in all types of facilities and industries throughout the Southeast.  We have extensive experience providing solutions for all types of facilities, from educational institutions and government facilities to corporate offices and manufacturing.

The Budd Group has been awarded CIMS Certification with Honors as well as CIMS Green Building Certification with Honors by ISSA. The Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) is designed to assist organizations in establishing a management system that ensures quality, efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.