Monthly Newsletter - March 2024

Monthly Newsletter,

Volume 3, Issue 7 - March 2024


Fostering Feedback: The Transformative Power of Thought Partners in Organizational Culture

Effective organizational cultures thrive on continuous improvement through feedback. Infusing your culture with thought partnership cultivates transformative shifts in conflict resolution, communication skills, increased engagement, and performance outcomes. Thought partners invite approachability and set the stage for an empowering developmental experience. 

Organizations across the country have found that an intentional focus on company culture, while beneficial in increasing collaboration, inclusivity, and employee voice, has swung the pendulum so far that many avoid feedback conversations. How do we maintain the benefits and increase comfort with feedback?  

Thought partners foster a feedback culture, where employees ask for feedback and are internally motivated to change. Through a confidential space for self-directed exploration without the intimidation of top-down evaluation, employees find themselves on path for powerful growth and development. This approach, particularly suited for high-collaboration environments like independent schools, motivates learning and personal growth by providing experiences of autonomy, belonging and competence.   

Thought partners foster psychological safety, creating an environment where self-directed discovery aligns passions and purposes with the organization's mission. Consider equipping your community with thought partnership skills to fully realize dreams and watch them exceed performance expectations. In any community of lifelong learners, valuing self-discovery and strategic goal actualization is paramount. This agile mindset facilitates both personal and organizational change. Embracing the thought partner approach is not just an invitation to grow; it is a commitment to a culture that thrives on continuous improvement and the realization of collective aspirations. 

Invest in your team through participation in the NCAIS Certified Thought Partner Course provided by Bostian Coaching and Consulting. Or for school-wide culture change initiative, email for information on how you can infuse a customized Certified Thought Partner curriculum in your community.

For many decades (even centuries), it could be argued that schools were under little pressure to change. Most schools operated within a stable environment and status that allowed many things to pass unquestioned or without response. A lack of meaningful planning (that included a market perspective) resulted in few perceived differences between schools – they remained largely homogeneous apart from school system-based or contextual differences. 

All that has now changed and schools are longer impervious to external forces. Click HERE to continue reading.

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